Motivation…No Watered Down Hype

People showed me love for my post on "fighting...The real truth"...and for friends...I genuinely thank you. It could have easily been incorrectly taken as me being disrespectful...and the respect and honour being shown within the words could have been missed. I write these things from the hope they help just one I'm … Continue reading Motivation…No Watered Down Hype


Have We Created The Mental And Physical Demise Of Our Next Generation?

Had the mother of a 15 year old girl on the phone crying to me...She had seen my blog posts online and called me because she was at her "wits end." Her daughter has become obsessed with changing everything about her body...and she wants to book a session with me just to talk to her … Continue reading Have We Created The Mental And Physical Demise Of Our Next Generation?


Sympathetic's not a sexy's what I want you to think about and remember today. When you become really messes with the homeostasis (balance/calm) of your body in it's entirety. Without changes everything about and within you...from the way you intake oxygen and circulate your hormonal and chemical name just … Continue reading SYMPATHETIC AROUSAL…YOUR BRAIN CONTROLS YOU

The Testimonial…That Reminded Me…Why I Do This

Wow…just wow…Sometimes something hits you so hard that it stops you dead in your tracks…zones you out…motionless…leaving you in a moment of pure thought and feeling. This is an out of the blue testimonial I just received from a client…her story…her vouching for my work…what strength to write this from the heart…and an inspiration to … Continue reading The Testimonial…That Reminded Me…Why I Do This

Fitness Without The Lies – The Testimonial That Set The Bar

  I really...don't know where to start...or if I can actually explain this one in a blog post guys!? This is...deep...this is one of the most affecting journeys I have ever been on with a person...ever...standard. For both them and me...Two way process. We have known each other 3 years and she has been a client for … Continue reading Fitness Without The Lies – The Testimonial That Set The Bar


It's the fear that they can't handle...its the anguish of the unknown or the not yet happened. That feeling will take over an entire being and it's soul...dismembering all hope...dreams and aspirations. Its even harder now...because one thing we have in this day and the instant availability of an endless amount of outlets...channels and … Continue reading FEAR AND REFLECTION IN MANCHESTER