Going Crazy

Sympathetic Arousal…no…it’s not a sexy act…it’s what I want you to think about and remember today.

When you become stressed…it really messes with the homeostasis (balance/calm) of your body in it’s entirety.

Without realising…it changes everything about and within you…from the way you intake oxygen and circulate blood…to your hormonal and chemical state…to name just a few.

Once you allow it to get a hold of you…the bodies natural response is to let it take you over…whether you realise it or not.

Once it’s taken you over…it can be very hard to get off the ride.

Each symptom will lead to and create further problems…until you end up losing complete control.

Stress can kill in situations…stress can ruin…stress can distort…stress can lead to regret.

Nobody expects you to be perfect…so if you are experiencing it…don’t feel you have to rectify it over night.

Just take this beautiful day to remember how lucky you were to wake up this morning…it really doesn’t get any better than that my friends.

We were all born beautiful…all born gifted…all born amazing…all born capable of spectacular brilliance…never forget your worth.

Take it…and address it…head on…step by step…logically…and realistically.

It might not be easy…it might not be quick…but it’s going to be one exhilarating ride…that leads to lessons learnt…and positive mental and physical progression.

Fighting…The Real Truth

I worked with a fighter who is coming back from injury the other day…he was struggling to regain the full power of his punch…causing him frustration and affecting him mentally.

I asked…”what is it…that…you think it is you actually do”…to which he replied in the end “Box…I’m a boxer…I fight…I punch people…they try to punch me.”

“My friend” I said…”I invite you to look at things in a bit of a different light”…and if you are a fighter reading this…I also invite you to do so. (I’m not asking you to agree with me…I’m asking you to critically think outside of the box and come to your own logical conclusion…I respect ANYBODY that steps in any form of ring.)

What you actually do…is movement…and movement is totally and absolutely poetic in nature…every single time you move…you piece together the most elegant of sonnets…write the perfect verse…to the perfect beat…a togetherness of body and mind…in unison…together…as one.

What you do is expression…freedom…individuality…and feeling.

You create a beautiful symphony of speed…fluidity…timing…control…balance…reaction…and structural mechanics…every single time you play.

Stop thinking like the majority…stop allowing yourself to be pigeon holed…subsectioned and categorised.

To me there is no boxing…there is no MMA…there is no this…there is no that…they are merely the marketing tool used to sell you an ideology…product…set of rules…or brand.

All you have when you logically break it down…is movement…consciousness…and subconscious.

The neuromuscular connection and intricate design of human physiology.

I don’t care if you are dancing…if you are golfing…stripping on a pole…cycling…or punching somebodies head in…it’s all the same…it all answers to the hierarchy of movement and your unique…specific…individual chain of command.

The basis of a kick or a punch is no different mentally or physiologically to opening or closing a door…no different to leaping over a small railing…or sitting down in a chair.

You can label it however you like….boxing…karate…kickboxing…judo…but all you are telling me is about a method…a singular marketable ideology…that pulls people through the door who are looking for a certain specific need…but it still is…what it is…the connection and control of body and mind.

We seem to get caught up in all of the lights…the hype…the marketing…and we forget the fundamentals of what we are doing in the first place.

You can call it what you like but it’s still either going to be a form of flexion/extension…protraction/retraction …rotation/elevation/depression etc etc etc etc etc.

It’s still about structural and environmental length and tension relationships…motor skill and proprioceptive control…It’s still unique…it’s still specific…it’s still individual.

There is very little more intricate or awe inspiring as the human…being…It all starts…with US.

There would be no stances…no techniques…no styles…no disciplines…without…US.

You can’t say “It has to be done this way”…”WE do things this way”…”YOU shouldn’t do things that way”…”OUR way is better than their way…so don’t do it”.

Nobody…owns the right to do that…it has to be addressed on a singular logical basis…one technique may benefit one person over another…no matter how effective or ineffective it’s supposed to or proven to be.

Not one person has the same structure…the same dysfunctions…the same environment…or genetic make up.

To prescribe one method…one blueprint…one style…one way of looking at things…and then persecute for deviating away from it…kind of overts what the human body is all about.

The problem with why this fighter could not generate power…was naturally because of the injury…but majorly to do with a lack of understanding of his own body…and only ever learning how to do things with set generic parameters.

(Before people strart crying…pissing…and moaning at this next statement…I’m saying 99%…and I know it doesn’t apply to every single one…so if you get upset about what i’m about to say…then…it’s because…YOU…are admitting that you are the one…who is part of the problem…and are calling yourself..I say this with logic and experience)

The problem with 99% of fight camp instructors and fight camp trainers…is that no disrespect…but…they are fight trainers…they’ve only ever been trained how to fight…and how to fight in a particular style…method…perception…view…or ideology.

They don’t understand biomechanical functional human movement and it’s deviation/compensation patterns…they don’t apply the concept of biotensegrity…length vs tension ratio…origins…insertions…contraindication…palpation…or soft tissue/structure state or condition…so we end up with “THIS is how you punch…THIS is how you kick…THIS is how you take somebody down.”

I’m not saying they should all understand it…but at the very least…they should be working with somebody that does…and be prepared to evolve their outlook on what it is they do…while bringing their skill set and expertise to the equation.

It’s not about hate or persecution…it’s about logic…things need to be done right.

I’ll tell you this from my heart…the amount of gifted fighters I’ve seen that have never made it in a camp…because the people in charge only knew how to do things one or two ways..and were so stuck in their outdated or distorted mindsets…far far far outweighs the amount of gifted fighters I’ve ever seen make it.

The majority of these “top fighters” (again…not all) are there for the absolute taking…because they never realised that it was more important to learn about yourself…your own body…and mind…rather than a specific technique or style.

They only get away with it because they are fighting others with the same blind distorted ethos…just look at ANYBODY who became the best…the definitive in any combat sport…they never…ever stuck to a script…they followed a principality…but they adapted their body…adapted their mind and made it work for them and the situation…

My logic…is proven time and time again. (think about fighters who injure a hand…or leg and still win…they had to adapt completely whether they realised they were or not)

You can’t generate a powerful punch or kick…you can’t…dodge…duck…dive…bob…or weave without chemical reactions engulfing your whole entity before the end result.

The end result or product(the knockout punch etc etc) is not just a product of human movement…it is an amalgamation of many different aspects of physics…biology…chemistry…and mathematics…drawing in many different aspects of life and the world around us.

The power for example does not come from the thrower…it comes from the throwers ability to manipulate that movement…and neuromuscular connection…allowing them to create and generate a maximum amount of force…and damage.

Any break in the chain…and the end result is affected.

Guns…and bullets…are the same thing…it’s not the products that cause the end result…it’s the science and the mechanism behind them…you don’t even need a gun to fire a bullet…but add a malfunction or dysfunction to a gun…a bullet…or to the shooter…and the products stood for nothing…they either result in substandard or failed results.

You can throw a punch that would rattle the inside of somebodies brain with very little effort or power if you learn to generate the force from the right places…learn the science behind it…and you don’t need to even be in a stance or ready to fight (whether you land it is a different matter)

Some people can just punch really hard though can’t they I hear you say…and naturally…yes they do…it goes back to us all being different…but some people can also open a jar of pickles that other people can’t…that doesn’t mean you can’t train the other person to open that jar…doesn’t mean you should only work with the people that can do it…doesn’t mean that the person who can open the jar is doing so in manner of benefit…progression or longevity.


If you are a fighter that is struggling with anything…think…outside of the box my warrior friends.

Mr Cleaver…out ✊

Do You Train Properly??

Allow this in to the back of your mind when you train and it will never steer you wrong.

If you have it at the heart of your ethos…the body will tell you where you need to go and what it is that you need to do.

99% of all of the fitness progs I’ve ever seen or read…completely skip and overt the basics and/or fundamentals of the human body.

They miss out the necessities needed to be able to move properly for a specific…unique…individual structure.

It’s all about six packs…secrets and sexiness…I don’t see a basis to maintain longevity…homeostasis and balance…while continuously progressing.

Most people in this day and age…deep down…if they are honest…get in to fitness so they can “lose weight”…or change their physique…due to the psychological pressures placed upon society from the conventions we are expected to adhere to.

It’s about looking a certain way…Only a small amount go out…off their own back to seek the health benefits rather than making it purely about aesthetics.

It’s usually when it becomes last chance saloon that forces the majority of people to have to go out and seek the health benefits…when it’s gone too far…this is what I have seen and experienced on a daily basis for many years. (Again this is NOT to say that there aren’t people solely looking for the health benefits without a care for aesthetics)

My friends…trust me when I say this…If you logically “balance” your nutrition …cut out the booze…drink more water…learn a little bit about your body…and aim to move with more alignment and efficiency than you do now…then you will see a massive change in the way you look and feel.

If you are looking to “lose weight” and increase health…you don’t need to be smashing your body every waking moment of the day…and that even applies if you are looking to build a muscular “sculpted physique” as they say.

If you have done the above and feel you have got no results…then it’s time to look ourselves in the eye…in the mirror…and come to one of three conclusions.

1. You didn’t do it right (which is nothing to be ashamed of…took me years to start getting it right)

2. You’re  lying to me and yourself

3. You have an undiagnosed pathology that needs to be medically assessed.

It doesn’t matter about what level or what stage you are at…your experience…or fitness levels.

It matters about which exercises you should…or shouldn’t be doing.

I’m going to take and elaborate on point number one.

Don’t listen to the majority of these watered down glossed up Facebook and Instagram heroes…these personalities selling you a dream and a shit load of products to make it come true.

Listen…to yourself…your own body…stop believing when you are told that things are the definitive absolute best or worst for everybody.

Stop believing squats are the best legs exercise…dead lift the best back exercise…bench press the best chest exercise…press ups don’t build muscles…6-8 reps for this 10-12 for that.

Stop believing that this marketed method of training is the best…or that marketed method is better…and listen…to…your body.

Not one person is the same…not one size fits all…and what you should be doing is going to differ from what I should be doing.

I see fit and healthy people on a daily basis where it’s structurally bad enough for their ankle…knee and pelvic joints…that they have to walk…sit down and stand up on…let alone squat.

So…you would never want to get them to actually squat…you would want to pattern them to…be able to squat…properly and efficiently…and if not possible…in some instances…you would then want to pattern them to be able to perform the necessary functional movements for life…as safely as possible for their structure.(sit down…stand up…and walk etc)

The skill in training…is not walking around with big muscles…that’s why steroid use is so crazily rife…the skill lies in understanding where to follow the body…and it will always guide you.

All exercise is always to do with length to tension relationship and ratio. There can’t be a definitive exercise or training method because of this.

Looking at things basically…If you have short or dysfunctional hamstrings for example…then this can have an inhibitory effect on the opposing quads…affecting length and tension harmony…which in turn creates a global shift across the structure…because things simply aren’t being held up and together correctly.

Muscles across the chain have become too short…and too long in compensation…which alters movement and firing patterns.

If you take this example of the hamstrings then…put simply…if they become too short or “tight”…or if certain areas become too congested with no room for glide…there are repercussions at where the muscle originates and inserts…and with it’s overall functionality…contractility and motor control.

As the muscles originate and inserts at other vital points of your body (knee/pelvic area) it will have to create compensated movement pattern.

If the hamstrings have shortened…the quads will be in some way inhibited and lengthen to adapt to the imbalance.

This again has an impact on the pelvis and knee which creates individual movement patterns…affecting functional alignment and control.

It’s not quuuite as simple as that though…that’s a straight forward example so you get the idea of it without having to add in all the areas of compensation and deviation and their person specific patterns.

You cannot be “fixed” without being assessed…and you can’t begin to strengthen a weak or elongated muscle without first addressing the short muscles that are affecting or inhibiting it.

Its not a case of stretching stretching stretching…it’s a case of lengthening the right muscles that are stuck…and strengthening the ones that are weak or too long…while still maintaining that healthy balance between the length and tension relationship of your musculoskeletal system.

If you go stretching a muscle that’s too long you risk damage and further compensation or structural instability.

So if you add again say…a squat to the equation…or add a barbell…on your back…the question I ask…is why are you loading that imbalance?

It’s not ideal to be walking/moving on your joints with dysfunction let alone loading it.

That’s why I say listen to your body.

I’ve had many people say things to me like”ahhh well blah blah broke a world squat record with tight hamstrings…blah blah broke a deadlift record with a strained lower back” and I say…yeah…I can believe it…because your dysfunction can develop into your strength…I’m not saying they can’t.

What I am saying is that in the end something goes if you don’t address the issues.

It might be next week…it might be in 20 years but when it goes…it will bring a level of physical/mental pain and debilitation that will make you question your endeavours over and over again until they become regrets.

Rather than question later…question now.

Some people will have tight hamstrings…and not be able to get in to the squat…some people will have tight hamstrings…compensate…and be able to get in to a “squat” …some people…will use the force of the weight on their back to drop them in to the exercise…but no matter anybodies argument…it’s still unaligned…which leads to further postural deviations when living normal life(sitting/walking/breathing)

Next time you feel a short muscle…remember its changed the alignment of different things across your body…which may mean certain exercises will be of detriment unless you focus on realignment to be able to safely get into the position.

Don’t allow anybody to tell you…YOU NEED…to do this exercise…it’s never as simple as that.

Focus on an agonist muscle…and see what its antagonist is saying back to you…follow it all round your body!

“Healthy” Milkshakes…They Don’t Have To Be Boring

(serving for one)

1-1.5 Teaspoon of raw cacao or cocoa powder depending on taste preference.

1 Banana

Unroasted…unsweetened almond milk.

Blend together and drink…it’s simple and amazing…really tastes like a chocolate milkshake with a hint of cherry bakewell from the milk…thickened and sweetened by the banana (try with banana both frozen and unfrozen)

I don’t often use cacao and I make many different types of natural milkshake combinations with different ingredients…it’s good to keep it varied…but it really does give this one a great taste and I most definitely recommend trying it before reaching for a pre bought shake.

I like to cook and make my better half things and she absolutely loved it too…so give it a go…see what you think! Play around with the ratios and develop your own personal unique taste.

I usually drink something like this in the morning once im hydrated or before/after training (sometimes both).


Life is not capable of producing a straightforward…calm…uncomplicated algorithm of “success”…”progression”…or”happiness”…for ANYBODY.

We are sold this dream from many outlets…but my friends…there is never going to be any perfect opportunity…any perfect path…direction…or journey that is going to be all fun…smiles…and laughter. (All you have to do is pick up a history book to see the logic in what I’m saying…the proof is there in front of us)

When you accept the above…you start to be able to move forward…but more importantly you begin to be able to get where it is you believe you can go… emancipating your deepest fears along the way.

Positivity and belief…are absolutely key…but ARE NOT ENOUGH on their own…realism has to be just as an important of a factor.

You need to realise and accept that amongst all of the beauty…there will be hard times…testing times…tough times…times where…it’s NORMAL to doubt yourself…to want to give up…and battle to stay positive…NOBODY…is perfect…LIFE isn’t perfect.

This realisation is not negative…no no no…it is simply no more…than the truth.

I promise you from my heart…that if you take the above in…and realise that it WILL happen to us all at some point…that it is SUPPOSED to happen to us all…and it is NORMAL…then this gives birth to the real positivity.

When things are plain sailing it’s easy to turn up…it’s easy to perform…it’s easy to be motivated…to be you…BUT…are you prepared for the inevitable…can you handle it?

Take a minute…ask yourself…that question.
The preparation allows us to accept…allows us to persistently persevere to sustain our talents…our gifts…and ourselves when times get testing…and life gets hard.

It starts to make you realise that it is IMPOSSIBLE to wake up every single day of the rest of your life…unphased and unaffected from some of the avenues that it can take you down.

This is what can stop you from going under…stop you from giving up…stop you from being beaten…feeling isolated…or feeling abnormal for going through a tough patch.

Believing that you always have to be “perfect”…and think “perfectly”…is a one way trip to anguish…because as I’ve already said…aint going to happen…for any single person reading this.

So I write this for those…who in this present moment…are feeling bad…about feeling in a bad way about something.

Don’t…as long as you don’t allow yourself to give up…as long as you keep on going…keep on seeing the bigger picture…then you will always find the wonder.

Everyday is a beautiful day to be alive…a moment to savour…rejoice…to give thanks…no matter the situation…because one day it will be gone.

It can be hard to see it that way when you aren’t feeling yourself…but once it’s gone…it’s gone…don’t ever let it pass you by…no matter how old you are.

Some people call that morbid…I call it the reason…the real hype…all the proof you will ever need…to know why you have to live life your way…as you…and who you truly want to be.

There is so much awe inspiring brilliance to be discovered in this spectacular world…and to take as much of it in as possible…we have to be able to accept and identify the normality of emotions and feelings during adversity and avoid mistaking them for negativity.

The process of adversity is natural and the only time it becomes negative is when you allow all of those thoughts…those actions…feelings…and emotions to take you over…leaving you lost in limbo…completely off track from being able to battle your way out.

Anytime I’ve ever felt like giving up…anytime I’ve ever felt I wasn’t good enough…or undeserving…I’ve looked in the mirror and asked myself what would I be prepared to do for this…where would I be prepared to go for it…and I’ll tell you…

I’d battle Freddy Kruger inside of his own dreams to keep on going…and not only would I win…my determination would give him nightmares.

One life…and I decided a long time ago I’d NEVER give up…that I would ALWAYS follow my heart no matter what cards I was dealt…good or bad…because I believe in my journey…I believe in my cause…I believe in myself…and I realise that it can’t all be down hill.

Find what it is you love…find what it is you are…what you believe in…adapt this attitude…and you find you just let go of so much you have been grasping on to…it truly is exhilarating…for the body…and the mind.


The Testimonial…That Reminds Us We Are All Beautiful

Received another out of the blue testimonial from a client.

I have quite a few I’ve never used because in all honesty I’ve never needed too. One’s like this ring home with me though…especially at times like this (New Years Day)

I want you to read this if you are starting your journey…your…”new you.”

From the bottom of my heart I want you to remember that embarking on a journey of “looking better” or becoming “more sexy” is a path that leads the mind to anguish…manipulation…and ruin.

Walk these steps to become more mobile…more efficient…and to wake up tomorrow mentally and physiologically stronger. 

If you stick to this…then the body you end up with…will be that of the one you never thought even possible…without having had to concentrated on aesthetics or how you look.

The beauty lies in…the fact…that…it will emancipate your mind…and show you how beautiful…gifted…and amazing we all are. Happy New Year.


“Lee’s blog post Monday night motivation changed my life. Go to a gym me? No i dont think so….. ever. You see id always been big, plump, fat, big boned etc etc. I’d kind of got used to it.  Dieted on and off my whole life. Weight went off then went back on again.  By the time I was 38 id reached 23st. Drastic times called for Drastic measures. I opted for a gastric sleeve. Checked into the spire one night in 2011 and  checked out 24hrs later minus 2/3rd of my stomach. The weight dropped off quickly i promised myself once id lost 6 stone id join the gym. 4 mths later there i was 6 stone lighter and a gym member! I started going once a week then twice.  I particularly looked forward to Saturday morning sessions. The reason? My partner of 16yrs was a drinker, always had been always would be. Weekend was a good excuse for him to go on a 48hr bender. Most people lived for the weekend not me. 48hrs of mental and at times physical abuse. My weekend highlight was that 8am Saturday gym session, a bit of me time. This is where i first met Lee. Aka mr awight treacle. I didn’t really know what i was doing on the gym equipment. I just  copied other people. With his ear to ear smile, witty banter and intelligent conversation my gym session went fast. One Saturday morning lee told  me he was leaving and handed me a cleaverfit card, told me he was doing his own thing. My heart sunk. This hours Saturday mornings positivity got me through the weekend. Once i got home i looked at the card saw it had a blog/ website i looked it up. I was amazed!! What a dark horse this man was! He words blew me away, made me smile and also brought tears to my eyes. One particular one really hit home, Monday night motivation. I read it over and over, then something clicked in my brain.i messaged lee, told him id been reading Monday night motivation over and over and id come to a big decision. His words had made me wake up made me realise what I  had to do. That afternoon i faced my partner the father of my children. Told him i didn’t love him, didnt want him or need him, i was better than that. This blog had made me look in the mirror and given me the courage to make a change and start again.  The next couple of months weren’t easy emotionally, physically or financially. Lee was always there like my councillor night or day at the end of a text giving advice. About the same time i started having weekly training sessions with him. At first i was rubbish id never done anything like this before. But lee has a very good knack of putting you at ease. When you dont get it he will explain it in his way ( usually by putting a few swear words in for good measure). Ive come on so much i now attend the gym 5 times a week. Once training with lee and 4 times on my own, doing a programme he sets me. Ive never been fitter, happier or more confident in myself. Ive lost just over 10 stone and my body shape continues to improve.  God only knows where I would  be if he hadnt have handed me that cleaverfit      card that day! I truly believe people cross our path for a reason. Lee is a diamond among men, he goes out of his way with his big heart to be kind to people. With his words he can stir your emotions whilst you read his powerful blogs. He is a rarity and I will be ever thankful to him. Now that is 100% true”

The Testimonial…That Reminded Me…Why I Do This


Wow…just wow…Sometimes something hits you so hard that it stops you dead in your tracks…zones you out…motionless…leaving you in a moment of pure thought and feeling.

This is an out of the blue testimonial I just received from a client…her story…her vouching for my work…what strength to write this from the heart…and an inspiration to us all…I had no idea until now about the journey we had been on…and for her to share this story with me shows her true strength…I post this in the hope that it helps or inspires just one of you reading it…after all…we are all in it together.

THIS…is real life…in a world full of filtered distortion…this is a client that I personally train…do strength and conditioning work with and infuse elements of soft tissue therapy in to teach them further about their body and how it is functioning.

Things like this remind me how lucky I am to do what I do on a daily basis and be blessed to interact with such amazing…gifted people.


“It’s easy, at this time of year to look back and think about all the goals we didn’t achieve in 2016, the friendships we lost and battles we didn’t win. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the positives, the wins in life, but this year has been different.

Thinking back to New Year’s Eve two years ago I rung in 2015 arguing with my ex about the reasons I took an almost fatal overdose earlier in the year. The evening was then topped off with a stranger following me home, and once he had me in a quiet place, pinning me down and forcing one hand down my top whilst the other was finding its way round my underwear. It wasn’t the first time something like this has happened and it brought back memories I’d hidden away for a long time.  It wasn’t really the party I had planned, or the best start to the year.

I spent a large portion of the year partying with friends, and going home with strangers. I didn’t care where I ended up or even if I woke up the next morning. Every time I did, I rolled out of bed, examined the cuts I’d given myself the day before, painted a false smile on my face and went about my business.

Fast forward to new year 2016 and I was, in all honestly, a mess. On the outside I looked the same as ever, all smiles and laughs. Always well presented and ready for anything. If you could see beneath the clothes you would see the cuts and scars covering my stomach. Peer even further and you could see my shattered self confidence and vulnerability.  I didn’t really eat and sleeping was difficult.  At the time I was confiding in a friend who looking back I realise was using my insecurities for his own gains.

I didn’t see a lot of the positives over the last two years but approaching 2017 I can happily say that’s changed.

I don’t know precisely when it clicked but I think it was whilst on holiday in Budapest. I was drunk, broke off from the group I was with and began wandering round the streets on my own, dressed in a child’s princess outfit with butterflies drawn on my face in green highlighter! I stopped to ask a man how to get the the Rave Cave, a bar in the hostel we had been headed to.  He clearly took note of my drunk, lost state and proceeded to shove me down an alley, pinned me up against a wall and shoved his hands down my pants.  Luckily at some point my brain kicked in, and on the promise of sex he took me in a taxi to the hostel.  When the taxi stopped I sprinted out to the staff at the door, they took me in and warded the guy away. I think it was then I realised I couldn’t go on like this. I had to start taking more care, because this was a slippery slope I’d promised myself I wouldn’t fall down again.

I got back home and with a new mindset went straight back into the gym. I’d been doing PT with Lee for just over a year and the sessions normally made me feel good about myself. Training gave me something to focus on, and I realised this was the change I needed.

I tried harder than ever to make the two sessions a week. Even when I was feeling low I knew that hour would not only take my mind off my worries but Lee would pass on some of his positive energy, reminding me that everyday is a great day to be alive. The more I heard it, the more I believed and agreed with him.  He reminded me it’s okay to be myself, fuck what other people think.

His mindset was starting to rub off on me and afterwards few months I stopped with the cutting and started to learn to love myself again. I was training hard, focusing on everything he told me. All the snippets of knowledge he passed on about which muscles were firing when, and how to get my form right for lifts. I wasn’t just getting fit, I was reprogramming my body and my mind.

I could start to see and feel change  which helped me believe in myself again. I started to be able to look at myself in the mirror when I was exercising, something I could never do when we started because I hated seeing who was looking back at me, (and now I enjoy doing it probably a little more then I should!) With Lee’s help and encouragement I could push through every exercise he threw at me. Granted sometimes it took me a few goes to get it, but he put up with my stupidity and always found a way to explain it, wether it was “dinosaur arms” or “fairies” eventually the penny dropped.  I gained the confidence to go to the gym alone, and not be worried people were staring at me in the free weights, or laughing at me on the bike. I walked tall with my head held high.

Looking at myself today I am a different person then I was a year ago, both inside and out. I altered my mind set and in turn changed my whole life.  I have progressed to a place I never thought I would be. My body has muscles that I didn’t realise existed and now I know their names, what they do and how to work them.  Training has helped me gain a lot more confidence both in myself and my abilities, which has transferred to everything I do, every aspect of my life. Most importantly of all, I’m happy and the smile on the face is real.

I truly am grateful for the part you played in this last year, wether you knew it or not you helped bring about the change that saved me from myself.  #cleaverfit #true1% “



It’s not about the body…the abs…the arse…the biceps…or the bingo wings.

It’s about the pride in waking up tomorrow mentally and physiologically stronger…knowing that your own perseverance…was the reason you became more mobile…more flexible…more efficient…and more resilient.


Realist Shit You Read Today


A lot of the time…we never get to say goodbye…A lot of the time…we dont realise how much we had to say thank you for…until we can no longer say it.

Last month I saw a great blog post…where a girl was writing a letter to her ex best friend.

This Sunday would have been one of my friends birthdays…but sadly he passed away.

Her post has inspired me to write my own…to say thank you…to all of those not here with me anymore….rest in peace…you beautiful…gifted…amazing people.

Thank you for all of the times…I remember you telling me I could…when everybody else was trying to convince me…that I couldnt.

Thank you for the support…the backing…and the unconditional love…for the times that my body gave up on me…and it was the thoughts I held and grasped on to of you…that got me through.

Thank you for the pain…for the feelings that played an integral part in creating my mindset…my determination…my resisiliency…and my belief.

Thank you for constantly reminding me how preciously wonderful life is…for showing me what an exhilarating commodity…to be cherished and celebrated it is.

It’s because of you I see it as something that should never…EVER…be taken for granted or generalised.

You will always be a part of me…ingrained in to my dna…until whichever day it is I go out smiling.

To…every single one of you…I thank you…for aiding me to learn…for being integral to my growth…and my development

You left me with questions…that developed in to answers…still you teach me…still you guide me…still…you inspire me.


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💯 Sometimes…now and again…As I ghost from lamp post to lamp post…in the dead of the night…shadow sparring and weaving underneath the stars…you’re there with me…I can feel you…each and every single one of u…running alongside me…pushing me…spurring me on…as my body tries to fail me.

Its an amazing feeling…one that has no words to describe it…maybe other people feel it too…in their own way…for their lost ones…who knows?

From southern cemetery…to ashes scattered in the wind…we never mourn a Life lost..we celebrate a Life lived.

People only go when you allow their memories to fade…my friends…my acquaintances…my family…my foes…you…all stay alive within me…helping me to be the man I am today.

Thank you

Mr Cleaver…out

“Quoted from the scriptures of the #TRUE1%”