Do You Dare…To Dream?🤔

I’ve split my previous post up into another segment here.

Within that same talk about “Turning up” with the group of lads…I…ended with a point on dreams.

Some love it…some hate it.

I’ve encountered more individuals and groups than could ever be reflected or recollected in any blog post over my years working so closely with people. (In England)

Can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped the dreams question.

I tell you…for real…this question…really saddens me a lot of the time.

Not all by any means…but…in my own experience…8/9 out of 10 asked…had never taken time to truly understand the concept of what a dream was in the first place.

More importantly nobody has ever shown them.

I say that not to be a dick head…or a know it all…I…say it because my eyes and ears haven’t shown me any otherwise.

Let me give you the typical examples of what I’ve heard…time and time and time again in response to…”My dream is…”

  • I want to be financially secure
  • I want to be debt free
  • I want to be rich
  • I want to be able to buy (insert item here)
  • I want to own my own successful business
  • I want to be a “Successful person.”
  • I want to get married and have a loving family
  • I want to be loved
  • I want to be surrounded by loved ones
  • I want to retire young
  • I want to travel the world
  • I want to live in (insert country here)
  • I want to live a happy life
  • I want to be fitter
  • I want to be healthier
  • I want a university degree
  • I want to get really good at (insert here)
  • I want a “Good” job
  • I want a massive house
  • I want to pay off my mortgage
  • I want to provide for my family
  • I want a carefree life
  • I want to be popular
  • I want to be a “Good” person

Could keep going.

I’ve got absolutely no issues with any of them…at all…brilliant…good on ya…do you.

I wish nothing but elation…happiness…prosperity and success on the journey to those achievements.

Don’t get me wrong…I have mine too…lots of them I strive towards in my daily life.

I’m no better than you…we’re…still both flawed human beings.

My bug bare is that most answers given to me…when I break them down…aren’t actually dreams.

They’re passionate or desirable wants…and…there is a major…major difference.

Dreams…are the so called unattainable…impossible…slim to none percentiles!

Dreams are the type of things you’d say in a room full of people and they’d look at you like you had two heads…like…they were asleep…visualising you telling them something…while you were asleep.

After the initial shock and perplexity of your words…that room would then start vibrantly laughing at you…doubting and berating…because…something had just been mentioned they’d never seen or heard of being achieved around them before.

Anything which is considered anywhere near close to being achievable within the conventional realm of day to day worldwide normal life…isn’t a dream…it’s a passionate or desirable want.

As I say above…don’t get me twisted…I have mine too…lots of them within daily life…but…they’re not my dreams.

If there are people doing…thinking…and achieving the exact same things…every second of every day…in every country in the world…I say to myself personally…Lee…pal…mate…son…lad…you’re…not dreaming big enough.

Said it a trillion and one times…life is filled with mesmerising…awe inspiring beauty…and…absolute chaos.

The story is going to have ups and downs.

If we want to create or take something further than it’s ever gone before…to pioneer…better…revolutionise…and evolve…then…after the process of “Turning up” is achieved…these words…carry the mindset needed to be adapted.

Hard part is…not all are going to agree with that rationale…which I fully respect.

Hardest part is learning to see it’s only the ones who will never pioneer…better…revolutionise and create who don’t.

Never needs to be that way.

Dare to dream…and…dare to believe you could bring the world something it’s never seen before.

After all…you…are the only you…in the entirety of existence.

Pretty special thing to me that💯

Have the best day ever my friends ✌️❤️

What A Day To Be Alive

Disturb The Paradigm

Yesterday Is Irrelevant…Tomorrow Not Guaranteed.

LEE CLEAVER (Clinic Website)


Soft Tissue Specialist – Movement Analyst – Elite Performance Coach

12 thoughts on “Do You Dare…To Dream?🤔

  1. What a lovely post, Lee!
    I especially liked this part very much –

    Dare to dream…and…dare to believe you could bring the world something it’s never seen before.

    Just, wow! Very well written….
    I started dreaming about the endless possibilities when I got really sick,.. and because I kept dreaming about the endless possibilities day in and day out, today I see my dreams coming through. Slowly but surely! Works just like a miracle.

    Thank you for this post Lee! Such a fabulous reminder for all of us! 🌸

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aw what a nice comment Sal.

      I appreciate the time and the effort you’ve put into it.

      I wrote it while trying to cook my chicken and get back out the door to work haha!

      Glad it made some sense 😝

      It means a lot you think its well written.

      I just write it exactly how I’d say it.

      Wow that is an inspirational thing to hear and love how you have put it.

      “Works just like a miracle.”

      It’s galvanising to hear you never gave up!!

      Thanks for taking the time and effort to show love and hope you are having an amazing day!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Love that comment…really do…takes real guts to write it.

      We’ve all been there at some point in our lives.

      Anybody who says they haven’t is blagging us👍

      I don’t think we can learn not to be afraid without having experienced the fear.

      The fear is what give births to the belief in our dreams if we qualm it.

      Just keep doing you👊

      Hope you are well ✌️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. My dreams of wanting things are as good as the reality of my bank account. Sometimes they are affordable other times not so much. I used to have a dream job in mind but now I have a job that pays the bills. It’s just reality.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. People find it hard to really dream…most get fixed in practical and process…I’ve seen it a lot using an appreciative enquiry approach to development. I like the dreams though whilst laughing my way through the wants and desires 😊🙌…great post u ❤️🤓😊

    Liked by 1 person

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