Nice Body…BUT…What Can You Do With It!?😉✌️❤️


Never used an inappropriate eye catcher before…so…let’s see if it works 😂

At least it’s still relevant and fits the specificity of this topic!

I was having a laugh the other week with a fellow blogger about my profile pic…and…why I use it.

The image serves an important purpose for me.

A couple actually!

Firstly…it’s pretty far away from the true representation of who I really am…what I’m about…and…what this blog stands for.

Any marketing professional will be reading right now in bewilderment…alas…this route…completely fits my need and purpose.

I’m disturbing the paradigm and assaulting all preconceived perceptions of first time visitors to my space.

I think it’s one of the reasons the blog is rapidly becoming a lot more popular.

What people get…is…probably the polar opposite of what they expected once they start scrolling.

Especially when they actually read about why I blog…then…see how I treat other bloggers.

What’s provided is unique…different…and…I’m sure the majority of my followers will completely back me up on that.

This is a space of consciousness…a place of “Meandering thoughts” that come together with purpose and intent.

An insight…into the inside of my mind!

Lastly…I also realise that to truly make a difference mentally/physically in people…we have to infiltrate the most prevalent areas of popular persuasion/culture.

That profile pic…is my only affiliation to “Pop culture”…the….”Changing room selfie.” (That and my new found emoji addiction 😂✌️)

The best bit is…many won’t have clocked that I’m actually taking the piss with it.

I’m taking the piss…because I’ve more than earned my stripes…more…than earned the right to do so.

The pic shows the type of physique 99% of men and women are dangerously brainwashed into obsessing about.

The type of physique 99% will never attain…and will feel like shit for never attaining.

I think it’s quite poetic when the guy who actually did achieve it…mocks it…because the industry is poisonous….doesn’t care about us.

Only ever done one other post before where I show my physique…or address it…as…it holds zero importance to me.

I used the collage you see below…in the post linked above…not to show off…but…to warn people away from that type of lifestyle. (They show pics from 2003-2017/18)

Been away from that life for 7/8 years now.

My attitude regarding it as a clinician…is…yeah…ok…whatever.

Nice body…but…what can you do with it…which…leads me nicely into the main part of this post.

I surprised a few people in the last installment…with my random crazy Vienna video.

For some strange reason…comments were disabled!?

Had a few subscribers text and email about the pull ups on the scaffolding!

More interestingly…they all commented on the dismount!

After explaining my rationale to them…I offer a little bonus.

I love to do a cheeky robot/body pop…while doing a pull up 😂😂

Don’t ask me why…just realised it was a pretty cool thing to do…and a great party trick!

With new year on the horizon…hopefully this will inspire somebody to see that it doesn’t matter how you look…at all!

Image equals irrelevance.

How we move…how we function…how we perform…and the ability to be in control of our body and mind…will always trump any aesthetic outcome.

Many think the “Pioneer Of Movement” title was given to me because of what I do in my clinic.

It is very fitting…which is why I still use it…but…I was given that because of things like below.

These are only 10 second videos…from 3 years ago…but they’ll show you where I’ve come from…and how I can dismount the way I did in Vienna so nonchalantly.

Have the best day ever my friends ✌️❤️


(This is I suppose the equivalent of doing a robot on a bar)

(Total body control)

(No matter how many weights I’ve smashed over the years…I’ve always realised you’re nothing training wise…without proprioceptive control)

(I simply reiterate the same statement above the last video)

What A Day To Be Alive

Disturb The Paradigm

Yesterday Is Irrelevant…Tomorrow Not Guaranteed.

LEE CLEAVER (Clinic Website)


Soft Tissue Specialist – Movement Analyst – Elite Performance Coach

44 thoughts on “Nice Body…BUT…What Can You Do With It!?😉✌️❤️

      1. Always Fam…even when I’m not!

        Everyday alive is a beautiful one for me!

        Nah It’s Bellator MMA. I’ve got a few fighters who compete there.

        It’s like the second promotion after the UFC. The main fight is two guys I used to watch when I was like 13/14 lol. They perhaps should have retired by now…but I’ll give it a watch see if it pops off!

        You on the malbec lol?

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Ah forgot you loved that.
        That is old for fighters although I think my old instructor tried it at 50. To be fair he had some body on him.

        Not tonight. Quiet night and now not sleeping


  1. Great post! I love the idea of mocking and pissing around with the beauty standard; that is kind of my MO… hehehe…. Health – in body and mind – is far more important than physical appearance. I may not be slender, but I am healthy and strong. This is more important than being perceived as “hot” by the general public. I should do more squats though… who doesn’t love a bubble butt?!? I know I do! 🤣🥂Cheers!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you very much TJ…I really appreciate your comment.

      I also respect you and your MO.

      Healthy and strong is what it is all about…couldn’t agree more.

      Sad thing is…being perceived as being “Hot” these days…is promoted as being one the most important things possible in society.

      As long as you are in control of body and mind…on your own terms…you’re the real trillionaire…rich in life.

      It’s funny…because…a couple weeks ago when we first interacted on my post…I clicked on your blog to check it out.

      Wasn’t expecting it at all!😂😅

      New experience to me on here!

      I can’t help but respect you…as…you’re…doing you…regardless of what anybody else thinks.

      I get what you mean about the appearance…and also see between the lines…in the sense that…behind the imagery…the art…you’re words are steeped in intelligence and you have a talent for them.

      Said a similar thing to somebody else that reached out the other day.

      Keeps the world from getting boring!

      The way I see it…is…we’re all in it together no matter who we are.

      More harm comes from prejudice…than tolerance and acceptance.

      I don’t consider anybody…any more or less of a human than myself.

      Each to their own.

      Takes true valour and strength to be ourselves…out in the open…so…I salute you and tip my hat.

      same with you as it is with anybody regardless of who they are:

      If you don’t take the piss…don’t cause negativity…harm or detriment..then…you will have a friend in me.

      Lol…regarding the arses…I respect all shapes and sizes👊

      Anytime…keep doing you and have an amazing night ✌️❤️

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Aww thank you very much!

      That means a lot! Glad we’ve been able to connect!

      Well I’m you’re number one vlog fan so the feeling is mutual! Love watching em they’re kuul!

      I won’t stop if you won’t stop 👍✌️❤️


    1. “Pineapple can be so divisive” 😂😂😂 what a comment.

      Haha very true…the pineapple on pizza can be quite the conundrum to some!

      “In this context it is kind of cheeky and whimsical” 😂😂😂 love your comments 😂😂

      Cheeky and whimsical was exactly what I was going for! 😂😂😂😂👊✌️❤️

      Legend of the game you Tony T-Bird


  2. I love the title of your post! I used to think that every time the pretty boys would come to the pool all pumped up and flexing then sink in the water or barely be able to get enough range of motion to move through the water for more than 2 laps before literally throwing in the towel.
    It is amazing how our shells create such an impression on others and I enjoy seeing their reactions. On the flip side, there was a time when I was getting ready to swim laps (I was very overweight at the time) and another very fit girl looked disturbed when I asked if I could share the lane with her. Her attitude towards me changed when I started swimming. Even though I was the biggest person in the pool I was still moving through the water (swimming circles around everyone) better than the other folks (not to sound full of myself or anything.)
    Through the years I have learned to lighten my smugness and I respect people who shape themselves into strong and powerful people. Your strength is amazing and inspiring even if you are an enigma 😉
    Keep inspiring and being you. Shine on my friend!

    ❤ Alana

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love that you love it our Alana.

      All pumped up and flexing 😂😂 gave me a chuckle that! 😂😂👊

      I couldn’t agree more. People associate aesthetic representation with functionality…which is very rarely the case unless it’s a high level athlete.

      A great example is I’ve been fixing a guys spine for a while. There’s so many problems it’s going to take him years to truly fix it. He’s done so many steroids that his androgen receptors have gone into overdrive from the gear and he’s also built crazy muscle.

      What that means is…he’s massively muscular…he’s last are too big…chest is too big…shoulders are too big and it’s closed off functional range of motion…so he actually struggles getting a fork to his mouth when he’s eating.

      He’s 35 years old!

      Then I’ve got an 80 year old guy…who I’m fixing his knee who’s 10x fitter and In shape!

      Society wouldn’t see it like that though.

      Nah I don’t think it sounds like you are full of yourself at all.

      I know you’re not full of yourself!

      End of the day if you had/have a gift for swimming then show the world!

      It’s not arrogance…it’s pride.

      I like hearing about it. If anybody doesn’t…fuck em!

      I respect ppl who do too…although…the majority of people society thinks are strong…have actually broken down and ruined the essence of mental and physical strength.

      I think being strong in society has been distorted.

      Well keep doing you because you are most definitely a fit…strong…mobile woman…and an inspiration to all.

      It’s an honour you find me inspiring lol.

      An enigma!?😂😂😂😂

      Wow…I’ve never been called an enigma before!

      Is that a good thing!? 😂😂😂

      I’ll keep being me…if you keep being you G.

      Stay shining too 👊


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Lee! I meant enigma in the best possible way and looking back maybe it wasn’t the best word to use. The textbook definition is a person who is mysterious, puzzling, and hard to understand. I think I used that word because you are full of surprises:) Not hard to understand though I appreciate how down to earth you are and I am sure your clients and friends do too.

        I enjoyed your examples from your work. Both fellows are lucky to be working with you. I feel bad for the guy with an overwhelming amount of muscle because it is an issue if it interferes with your ability to sustain yourself.

        I hope you will enjoy these last few days of 2019!

        ❤ Alana


    1. Haha well I’m glad I did!

      Means a lot that u feel that way about my words.

      Too kind to me you our Miriam!

      Put a smile on my face as always 👊

      I’ll keep doing me always!

      Far more than just our body couldn’t agree more.

      Have u been behaving!?

      Hope you are loving life and have had an amazing Christmas ✌️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I always behave Lee 😂 well, kind of. And yes, I had a lovely Christmas thanks and am now camping in our new van on the South Australian coastline.
        Hope you have an awesome 2020 my friend and the most amazing year ahead! 😊❤️💫

        Liked by 1 person

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