Will You Move With Me…One More Time!?💃

I get some seriously dodgy looks me you know.

I get it…get…why…totally!

It’s not the norm to pull up at a red light…and…see the guy next to you…going in harder…than a hype man…on the main stage of Glastonbury.

I’ve already explained to you about my sound system…so…that…doesn’t help me either 😂

Couldn’t care less though…I’m…just…doing…being…me.

Feeling the vibrancy and the rhythm of the day…of…life.

If I bring you a tune on this blog…then…it’s only being brought because it had me moving.

I don’t care about genres…artists…”popular…culture”

If it causes me to involuntarily get my arms…head…hips…and shoulders going…while…still trying to maintain control of my vehicle.

I’ll pump it loud…letting the sounds take me over.

Most of the artists posted here every now and again…are…quite underground (I’m cool like that 🤣😛)

Not this time.

Grab your crash helmets…we’re going mainstream.

Never heard this track before…and…when I pressed play…I…had to pull…what could only be described…as…a disgusted dirty stank face.

Head instantly started bopping.

Good job I’m in an automatic because the feet even started to get involved.

I’m honestly not the biggest fan on the man they call Drake.

Can’t lie though.

I have busted some absolute moves to quite a few of his tracks.

Even have a video of me doing a dance off to one!

By the chorus…was…at the lights…and…had quite possibly convinced myself…I was in the actual music video.

Went for it…like it was the last moment of my life!

Turned this rainy day…into illuminated sunshine.

I’m a great believer…that…when you can have fun like this…by yourself…nobody at all with you.

You’re winning.

You’ve…discovered you’re the real trillionaire…rich in life.

Can’t put a price…or product on that.

Press play…turn it up…crank it up…and…let the simplicity force you to take it down low!


Have the best day ever my friends.

What A Day To Be Alive

Disturb The Paradigm

Yesterday Is Irrelevant…Tomorrow Not Guaranteed.

LEE CLEAVER (Clinic Website)


Soft Tissue Specialist – Movement Analyst – Elite Performance Coach

7 thoughts on “Will You Move With Me…One More Time!?💃

  1. Haha love it! I was never much of a Drake fan before. Except for “The Motto” days, but that was Lil’ Wayne’s doing of course… But Drake has gotten a lot better through the years and last summer I started to enjoy his songs a lot more. I look back on Drake’s songs from last summer fondly now because that was when I decided to face one of my biggest fears (going to the gym.)

    I haven’t heard this one either, but thanks for sharing it 🙂 I love the message too. “God knows I’m tryin”

    The car is probably my favorite place to rock out. There is nothing like rolling down the windows, music blasting, hair blowing in the wind and rocking out like nobody is watching.

    ❤ Alana

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    1. Sorry Alana…I wasn’t well for couple weeks…had flu so I’m way behind!

      “The motto” days lol love it.

      Well I’m glad I have posted so,etching that brings you happy memories.

      Hahaha I couldn’t agree with you more apart from my hair ain’t blowing in the wind 😂😂😂 hope u are ok. Look forward to catching up with you

      ✌️❤️ Lee

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Lee! Sorry to hear you were ill. Hope you are feeling better. I was kind of worried, but figured you were busy with work and life.

        Nothing to worry about here. I don’t think it is possible to get far behind in blogging world. You can just pick up where you left off. I think that is why I like this particular blog. I just write when inspiration strikes and it is kind of nice to have an area in life that doesn’t have to be that structured.

        Haha I didn’t even think about that. I guess you get to rock out with the cool breeze on your head 🙂

        Life is good. Hard to believe that 2019 is in its final stretch, making the most of it and hope you are too!

        ❤ Alana

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      2. Back on top of the world!

        Aw well it’s nice to know you care!

        I like your attitude towards the blogging.

        Yea I totally agree as mine has no structure at all haha.

        Hahaha I most definitely get to rock out with cool breeze on my head!!😂😂😂😂👌

        I know it’s gone too quick! Ready for another amazing one!

        What you up to today?


        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hi Lee!
        So glad that you are on top of the world once again!

        I am also glad that we have connected in this blog world. You mentioned before that it is amazing how you can feel closer to someone here than even people you see in “real life” who are considered good friends. I feel this way too and I really do appreciate our conversations and the way we uplift, encourage, and inspire each other.

        Thank you for mentioning me in your recent post. I am touched an honored, but most of all, happy that you are starting to create and share your music. It doesn’t even have to be full-blown just dropping little beats here and there can bring so much joy. I also believe that they cast a light in a place that might have been darkened by a shadow overtime.

        I feel inspired too to also dip my toes into more creative endeavors, but it has been overwhelming. Just knowing where to start because there is so much I want to do. I might just have to write a post about it like you suggested before.

        The weekend was wonderful. I was able to convince my little sis to fly to Hawaii, but I could not convince her to stay longer than the 3 days because she was worried about leaving her boyfriend back at home and he kind of freaked out when she mentioned she would like to stay longer. It is a hard balance sometimes, lovingly giving advice or suggestions without being mean or overbearing. My early twenties were pretty messed up do to a yucky controlling relationship, but I recovered and grew stronger. I want my sister to rock her twenties and thrive. I also know that she will find her way and I will be here for her if she needs me.

        How was your weekend?

        ❤ Alana


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