Take That Time Away…From…The Frantic Pace Of This World✌️❤️


The people around me will tell you this as gospel.

No matter the day…the time…or occasion…if…you ask me how I am…my…response…always…without fail…is…“Loving life.”

You’ll even see that…all posts on this blog end with “What a day to be alive.”

Some may think it’s an act…or…attempt at self affirmation…but…it’s not.

No matter what’s going on…no…matter the cards I’m ever dealt…I…stay supremely thankful for the opportunity to even be here in the first place.

If my hearts beating…lungs are contracting…it…doesn’t get much better than that for me.

After all…if they stop…then…nothing else exists.

I keep that at the forefront of my mind and have done so for the past 9 years.

Just over 12 months ago…if…you scroll down the blog…you’ll…see…I…almost got killed in a pretty crazy car accident.

Flipped 2/3 times.

It made the last year…extremely testing for me.

My right arm…right leg…and…lower right side of my back…we’re injured as a result.

Couldn’t have come at a worse point in my career…just…as everything was taking off big.

A time where I needed those body parts…more than ever before!

As a soft tissue specialist…movement analysts…and elite performance coach…I run my own neuromuscular rehabilitation clinic…“Fixing”…“Broken people.”

I also work in numerous different capacities…with a vast demographic of the general public…all the way up to the highest levels of elite sport…movement and performance.

Being a sole proprietor means…if…I take months off…I’ve…completely lost the momentum of all my hard work…so…I didn’t…couldn’t.

That’s the harsh reality of the real world…when you are dream chasing.

Was in agony and pain…but…was back to it all within less than a week…had to be.

Could barely move properly…and…exacerbated every issue I had…myself…through taking no rest…and…doing far too much…at an already manic period.

This turned those problems…into chronic pain cycles in the end…which…is exactly what I preach against.

Believe me…if I could have had it any other way…I would have taken 3-6 months off…but…I didn’t have that luxury.

Always knew…no matter how difficult the situation got…it…would make me a stronger…wiser…better person.

Wouldn’t allow it to stop…or…hinder my journey…although believe me it tried!

Another learning experience I can add to the list.

There were times where it felt like I physically couldn’t do it.

Times…I had to hide how much I was struggling…and…just get on with it…with no complaints.

12 months later…and…the injuries have now finally…fully healed.

I’m ready to start phasing in max effort periods to my training regimen in my personal life…away from work.

My clinic…maintained it’s momentum throughout all of the troubling times…continuing to build to this day.

The only way I was able to keep the mind and body going…when it felt like I couldn’t…was…from connecting to…vibing with…the rhythmic pulse of real existence.

The only way I feel we can truly come to terms with the level of brutality…living is capable of dishing out…is…to stay in tune with the sheer amount of breathtaking beauty it gives back.

The pace of this connected world…is a super fast one.

Days can easily turn to a blur.

Time is the enemy my friends.

My message is to always make sure we have those moments where we take it down…break it down….making time for natural…human living…like you see me attempting below.

Have the best day ever my friends.

What A Day To Be Alive

Disturb The Paradigm

Yesterday Is Irrelevant…Tomorrow Not Guaranteed.

LEE CLEAVER (Clinic Website)


Soft Tissue Specialist – Movement Analyst – Elite Performance Coach

21 thoughts on “Take That Time Away…From…The Frantic Pace Of This World✌️❤️

    1. Well it’s always a pleasure to connect with you any time you pop up in my comments! (Or when I pop up in yours!)

      Thank you very much Robyn.

      You always support me and show solidarity.

      I too love your positivity…your mind and who you are in your soul!

      We’re all in it together!

      Saying it’s inspired you to do that…has in turn inspired me to send you some back…and throw alittle extra out to the world as well!

      There has been many times you’ve put a smile on my face…so all I ever ask from you…is never…ever…ever…change…cos I think you’re a a total legend girl!

      Hope the evening is going amazing…and I forgot to tell you!!

      Couldn’t find Once upon a Time on my dodgy box…so…went cinema last week to see it.

      You weren’t wrong about the end haha!! 🤣😃😂✌️❤️


  1. I am so glad that you survived and healed from your car wreck. That really was not that long ago. It is even more stressful when you run your own business as a sole proprietor. I know I have said it before, but being sick, injured, and out of shape are so humbling and you realize who your true friends are in those times.

    This really hit home because on my way home earlier this week there was a car wreck near the road I live on. We had literally just driven through that road and missed the wreck on the way back. LIFE IS CRAZY LIKE THAT. I think the driver got badly T-Boned because his car was smashed and he had an awful head injury (blood was everywhere) we turned off the ignition of the car and unbuckled his seatbelt and told him that ems was on the way. He kept asking “is this real?” He thankfully remembered his name, but he could not feel anything and looked about 21. I hope and pray that he is okay.

    Some people do not recover from accidents and it is true that every day is a blessing. Earlier that day I was feeling grumpy for no real reason and that was a wake up call.

    Hope you will have the best day ever.

    ❤ Alana

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    1. Always love your responses…and appreciate the effort you put into them.

      Thank you for your kind words of care.

      Well I hope you never stop saying it…because you are completely right…such such humbling times.

      Never experienced a year where I couldn’t move about as me.

      Started back on the rowing machine today. I used to have the time of Olympian for a 2000 m sprint.

      I’m almost 3 minutes off now!!!

      Wow…that is a serious amount!

      Seriously humbled me that did!!

      I’m probably a stone heavier than I should be.

      It’s a weird one because when I tell people I’m a stone overweight they look at me like I’m mad.

      They’ve forgot what condition I was in a year ago and prior!

      Will get it back though and have fun while doing it!

      I think you’re right with the shows who your friends are.

      You realise only a few people actually have your back properly!

      Wow…I totally see why this hit home!

      Are you ok after it?

      Things like that don’t ever go away…you always remember them at instances.

      What touches me is where you say you turned off the ignition.

      Shows what you and the people around you are about. True 1%

      It’s nice to know people like you exist.

      When I got hit I ended up flipping then crashing upside down through a steel barrier.

      Had to self extract once the car fell back down on to its side.

      What really left an imprint on me was 2 things.

      1. How I was calm and collected trying to see if the driver was ok without a care for myself (Before he ran off because the car was stolen)…yet…most of the people who had seen it were acting over the top…hysterical and emotional…even though they hadn’t gone through it. Instead of helping they made it all about them.

      2. How Many people opted to not help at all…but instead get their mobile phones out to start recording me and the crash for social media. There was a passenger lying on the pavement from the other car…out of it…and people were just recording him too. No care for human life or connection. (Was extremely close to snatching some woman’s phone and smashing it to pieces in front of her he had pushed it right into my face!😂)

      The fact you guys did what you did…has restored a little faith that was lost that night…so I sincerely thank you for that.

      It truly made me smile reading it…and wouldn’t expect anything less from you.

      I hope you are ok because when you do get involved like you did…in a caring capacity…things hit home a lot harder.

      We all have moments of being grumpy.

      We all need a wake up call sometimes.

      Alana…I must say…it has been a true pleasure connecting with you on here and you inspire me.

      Hope you also have he best day ever…only to be surpassed by the one coming up tomorrow!

      Stay you


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  2. Thanks for sharing! If there is one thing I love about the contents you create: it is definitely the reflection of your true self. I rejoice with you on your safety…and for your inspiring posts!

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    1. Thanks for reading Ernest.

      I definitely try to put a reflection of my true self out there in the posts.

      I’m glad it comes across that way to you.

      Words like these inspire me to keep going and learning with the blog.

      Don’t really know anything about blogging lol…I’m just doing me as they say!

      Hope today was a brilliant one for you my friend.


  3. What an awesome post, that sea looks absolutely gorgeous and relaxing, i’m glad you are fully recovered from your accident, it seem’s like it was an awful time that you experienced, Thanks for sharing this lee. Sending prayers, 🙏❤️

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    1. Thanks for commenting Kim. I Really appreciate your support and positivity.

      It’s nice to connect with a like minded person.

      It was extremely relaxing!! Loved it!!

      It’s nice to get back to nature isn’t it?

      Yeah a bad time that brought so much beauty in the end.

      Made it all worth while 👊👌

      Hope you have had an absolutely amazing day?

      Been checking your blog and I really respect what you are about.

      look forward to reading more of your things .✌️❤️

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      1. Thank you, Your’e welcome my friend✌
        I do love being out in nature myself, when i have time 😁 i love the relaxation, but i’m glad it all turned out beautiful in the end for you, I absolutely love a happy ending, ❤️🙏

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      2. I always think being in nature humbles us.

        Let’s us see that we are just a small cog in a much larger timepiece!

        Time is most definitely the enemy for me too sadly. I Try to get out in it as much as possible though.

        All is well many lessons learnt…still living and loving.

        Gotta route for them happy endings wooo ✌️❤️

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  4. Good for you for never giving up Lee, you da man. I also used to be huge into fitness, believe it or not. I was dreaming of competing one day, counting my macros, working out religiously 4-5 times a week, then herniated a disc in my neck with a shitty overhead press. It pushed me out of my career in steel and that’s when I started writing and went back to school. I’m just starting to get back into the gym regularly and frequently again, and running too but it feels damn good.

    Once you get used to the physical rush of a good workout and the discipline, not having it really tears you apart. Good for you. Keep it up.

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    1. Haha nahhhh…you da man!

      Thank you for the time and effort taken in this comment.

      I really appreciate both it and you.

      That’s brilliant to hear that you are getting back into training brother.

      I hope you continue to enjoy and prosper with it.

      Your journey sounds a very interesting one…with many lessons learnt.

      You’ll know exactly where I’m coming from then.

      It’s interesting what you are saying there…because…I relate to it so much.

      You highlight the main problem during the situation I was facing.

      The most important to me.

      My job requires me to hold/move/palpate/treat/manipulate…different joints and structures…through different forms of hands on physical therapy.

      That was hard on me mentally and physically..being immobile and in pain…having to hold heads..legs…etc..but…I adapted to it pretty easily.

      Blocked it out…with tunnel vision and focus.

      The hardest part was nothing to do with the pain experienced from working.

      It was the fact that away from the clinic….in my own life…my own time.

      Training…movement…and performance…had been my emancipation…my…escape….for many years.

      Could no longer turn to it the way I always had done.

      Never experienced feeling so weak.

      felt like something had been taken away from me.

      I’m sure you know exactly where I am coming from…as…a herniation to the cervical spine completely stops you in your tracks until its rehabbed.

      Painful situation that affects the whole body.

      It really does tear you apart if its something you are used to…something that you are passionate about.

      I couldn’t agree more.

      What I think is amazing about your comment is that it shows your will and determination which truly does inspire me.

      I’ve treated so many different people for herniation from all ages…and…ultimately…once people feel the realness of that type of pain or immobility…most…never want to try pushing themselves ever again.

      Your story inspires me because you didn’t turn your back on yourself.

      You’re back in the game!

      It’s also amazing that you took that fire and motivation from training…and applied it to another craft and art while you were healing.

      I appreciate positive connections like these as they are hard to find in the world!

      Again thank you for the genuine human comment…barriers down…and I think your blog is fantastic.

      Look forward to more of your stuff…and keep me up to date with how things are going now you’re back training again!

      Keep doing you fam.


      1. Ah man. You just hit me right where it counts. I love your stuff too and thanks so much.

        People like us, we never stop pushing until there’s nothing left to push with and that’s just the way I like it.

        Life never promises to be easy. We need to make the best of it with what we have. Keep it up brother.

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      2. That’s how we roll!

        Indeed we are my friend.

        We’re found somewhere…in-between a gift and a curse 😂

        Still we push…ain’t no other way!

        One life and we have to learn to love both the good and the bad in ourselves…and in the world.

        You too man!👊


  5. Fantastic! I need this in my life more. I always keep saying I’ll be able to do this when x is over. Learning to enjoy the present and make the most of it is something I still struggle with, but I’ve come a long way.

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    1. Thanks for dropping by and showing some love. Appreciate both it and you.

      If you’re driven I think that’s how it goes.

      Same for me in a lot of ways.

      I spend more time “Grinding” as they say.

      A little trick I’ve learnt is to see the beauty of living at every corner…ever turn…ever instance.

      If I can’t get out to it…I’ll keep it in my thoughts.

      I absolutely adore what I do on a daily basis…so I guess the beauty is all around me!

      It’s amazing you say you’ve come a long way!

      We’re all learning on our journeys.

      Really enjoyed checking out your blog and look forward to reading more!

      Hope you are having the best day ever


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