The True 1%…What It Really Means…What It Really Stands For #DEEP


This is from the absolute depths of my heart…The True 1% is now the performance side of this soft tissue clinic…It’s officially being marketed as a brand.

It stands for whatever you want it to stand for, you choose, we’ll let you run wild with it.

The whole thing started as a manifestation of empowerment, both mentally and physically.

It started after working with a marine a few years ago who said to me “Lee…you are the true 1% mate” and it stuck.

I’m doing this post because it’s kind of deep and does mean a lot to me and quite a few others.

Most people tend to go in straight away as thinking it means being better than everybody else.

I see why they would come to that conclusion, but it couldn’t be any further away from the truth, which is why I’m going to break it down.

I’ve made so many stupid mistakes in life on my path to becoming a man, we all have.

I’ve been out of control and off the rails in the past, so believe me, I couldn’t claim to be better than anybody else.

I can’t hold my head any higher than you reading this right now, I don’t need, or want to.

I couldn’t care less about how you look, the colour of your skin, your sexuality, where you come from, who you know, or what you represent.

What I’ve learnt in life is, just try to be a human being, try to be the best possible one that you can be, try to be, you, for yourself and the others around you.

Live life attempting positivity every single day, they say it cannot be done, but it can, I attempt it myself on a daily basis, while still passionately standing up for what I believe in and dealing with life, I see many others doing the same.

Nobody is perfect but I realised that we have a duty to ourselves, to others and the sanctity of our minds, to live in the most realistic prosperity possible.

Man working out in gym and flexing abs 

I allow it all to mean whatever you want it to mean, because, I guess, it’s been the same for me too, well before it was ever a tangible business entity.

The true 1% has been there with me as I’ve matured, grown, seen, learnt, evolved, experienced.

It’s meanings, connotations, agenda and representations, have changed across the years and can vary depending on how I choose to perceive them.

That’s the beauty, to me, as it’s a piece of my heart, a piece of me and my life.

When I first took it on and ran with it, it was all about taking group and individual fitness past the level anybody else believed they could ever get to.

True 1%…taking it to places that 99% of people would tell you that you will never be able to see.

I guess that still stands, but in a much more advanced manner, so it could still mean that to me now.

It then evolved into specific functionality and performance, meaning true 1%…when 99% of the health and fitness industry is about aesthetics, modelling, supplements, equipment, drugs and vanity, this stands for being yourself, whoever that is, whoever you wanted it to be in your heart, allowing you to wake up the next day mentally and physiologically stronger to do so.

I guess that still stands too, so it can mean that to me as well.

From there I became a soft tissue specialist and movement analyst at the highest level in that industry.

I say the next bit with no arrogance as I could write you a list of a million and one things I’m absolutely terrible at, but it just is what it is, the truth.

I do things in a way now that, when it comes to health…fitness…mobility…movement…performance…exercise…motivation…physical & mental wellbeing…injury and rehabilitation…I’ve just left 99% of personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, physiotherapists, soft tissue specialists and alike, behind.

I’ve more than earnt the right to say that and I don’t care about being the best of anybody but my own self, I’m constantly learning and growing so that’s another meaning of it all to me.

It’s the pride of turning my life around when not many people thought I would.


The whole time it had an underlying meaning that I never used to speak about, some got it, some didn’t, it still has got that underlying meaning.

As I said before it represents my belief system, it represents those that are constantly trying to be that good, positive, happy person, which is not always easy!

Doesn’t have to be anything major.

The true 1%…The person that stops to help somebody in need on the way to work and takes the bollocking for being late on the chin, with a smile on their face, putting their head down and showing the boss maximum effort after it.

The true 1%…The person that goes without, misses out, or gets inconvenienced one time to see others enjoy and be happy.

The person that smiles and radiates positivity to others, picking them all up, while deep down they themselves are having a bad day.

The true 1%…A single mother or father attempting qualifications to better their families life while working or having no job to support themselves.

The true 1%…Somebody who consistently, publicly stands up to all of the force fed bullshit and what they logically and critically believe in, no matter what the crowd has to say.

The people who stop and take the time out to speak to the lonely, people in war torn countries, people giving aid…the list could go on and on from small things to big things.

It’s not about being better than anybody, even if you are.

It’s just about giving back and being prepared to put yourself second sometimes, while still maintaining control and dominance of your own life.

It can mean so many things, to so many people depending on how deep they are prepared, or want to go with it, depending how far they want to think about it.

It wasn’t created to make money or for a specific target audience, although it is now part of a business.

It was created because it was a feeling, one that actually stood for something, that gave many different types of people the credit they deserved from many different backgrounds, for many different reasons.

It’s something I’m proud to say has given people hope and I have testimonial after testimonial to back that up.


I’ll tell you this though, and perhaps the deepest…

If you truly ask me what it means to me and I know you, I’ll sit there and tell you it means being alive, but it means being at ease with life firstly.

I have to tell you that because I just can’t escape it.

It means it whether it’s trying to or not, but the real eloquence is in the fool proof mantra that it provides.

Stop looking for perfection, stop looking for everything to be so picturesque and filtered, start being a human, which means you are never going to be fully there, you can never reach that 100…you are only ever going to achieve 99%, if that, no matter who you are.

The 1% stands for the deepest darkest crevices of our minds, the areas that 99% of people aren’t prepared to talk about publicly.

The 1% of us, that’s a part, of all of us.

That percentage that’s always going to be there, no matter how strong, resilient, intelligent or good we are, or try to be.

The percentage that makes us all a little crazy sometimes, that brings us our own unique personal complexities, questions, issues, doubts and fears, entities that need addressing as part of the natural course of life.

There is no perfect life…no perfect wife…husband…relationship…family…representation etc etc…you are what you are and no matter how perfect a person may be, there will always be that part inside that just isn’t fully “normal.”

It’s just being a human being.

There are far too many unanswered questions in life and with inquisitiveness and curiosity being staples of natural evolution, there will always be a small part in the mind, no matter how complete we feel or say we are.

So next time you look in the mirror and you are having a bad day, smile, it’s normal, it’s healthy!

Lee Cleaver – Soft Tissue Specialist, Movement Analyst, Elite Performance Coach






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