As a soft tissue specialist, performance coach and movement analyst, I’ve got to tell you guys…

Just been to the best gym in my life…and I’ve trained all over the world, in many different environments.

There was barely any equipment, the equipment wasn’t in the best state, the weights didn’t even seem to be balanced properly if I’m honest…but still…

I’ve NEVER…EVER…trained in an environment like this before…I felt SO alive.

20 min body weight work out in their “gym” and 40 min advanced mobility in an empty yoga studio, factoring in the concept of biotensegrity. (didn’t trust the weights)

It was SOOOO humid…I mean…after all…I am training in a damn rain forest, what did I expect!?

Was a blessing for the rain to actually come down and cool us, as the heat In Bali is pretty intense.

Couldn’t believe we actually found a place to train here, in such an isolated, remote location, so high up, surrounded by real life!

The sound of the rain…the heat…the environment…it created the perfect stimulus to finally start releasing the tension in my over developed hamstrings!

My message to you today…if you are training yourself…

Stay hydrated…stay mobile…and don’t forget how amazing you are!

What…A…Day…To…Be…Alive…My Friends!





  1. I love your message Stay hydrated…stay mobile…and don’t forget how amazing you are! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Really appreciate it and this is a great post. Warmest wishes to you, stranger and friend all at once.


    1. The content of your blog is fantastic and you are bringing positivity to people’s lives.

      Gotta stay hydrated…gotta stay mobile…gotta stay amazing!

      Stranger and friend all at once, that’s deep, I like it.

      Keep doing you!

      Liked by 1 person

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