Hello…From…The…Other Side…Realest Thing You Read Today 


What…A…Day…To…Be Alive.

Yesterday is irrelevant…Tomorrow not guaranteed.

A delve into my inner consciousness as I rediscovered my lost ability to chill out and switch off.

Almost written as a fiend…clucking for his fix…I tell you…I have been switched on for so many years…going…going…going…I hadn’t realised just how much I needed to unwind.

Scroll down for the ramblings.

Mr Cleaver


After over 20 hours traveling from my home city of Manchester, England, to Qatar, then on to Bali, we have finally arrived in the rain forest, on the other side, of the world.

If you know me, then you know, one of my fundamental flaws, is that I live, I breathe, I am, I need, what I do for a living, on a daily basis.

I’m genuinely, one of the very few people you will ever meet in your life, that does what his heart actually beats for, from sunrise, to sunset, day in day out, as their job and career.

I never once, have had anybody even try to begin to disagree with me on that point, even people who love to disagree with me know it’s totally, absolutely, indefinitely impossible to do so!

I say that with a great, great pride, but with no braggadocious arrogance, at all, in any way.

Quite the contrary, im nothing special, at all, I’m just me.

Complex, yet, so simple.

You see, I say fundamentally flawed, as that gift you think I’m about to start boasting about, believe me, can truly be one of the biggest curses that can be placed upon a person.

My perspective and stance on this, you won’t be able to hear, obtain, or get from many people, as it is a very rare lifestyle choice to find in a human being and I’m just being honestly, truly genuine.

Take it in, soak it up, if you are bothered, if you aren’t, well, why have you just wasted your precious time reading so much of this scribble in the first place!?

If you aren’t bothered, then I’m not worth your time, find the words that actually do help and inspire you, trust me, they are out there my friends.

People tell me I’m so lucky for the Way I live life, and I am lucky,  but I’m different, very different.

I may seem lucky, but this 19 day trip to Bali via Qatar and then on to Gili Meno, has been so hard for me to take, so hard.

So hard you wouldn’t even believe me if I told you and quantified it in to an explanation.

What I do, I don’t advise for many, it’s just not healthy for most, it’s just not a path many can handle going down (You too will have paths I myself wouldn’t have the ability to travel)

To do what I do, doesn’t take dedication, drive or determination, it doesn’t take effort, skill or perseverance.

They just, simply, are not at all enough.

Nowhere near enough.

It takes a genuinely crazy, intimidating, sickening, scary, unhealthy, destructive obsession with wanting to help others and create positive change in the world.

An obsession born from making so many mistakes

An obsession that needs to be worked on and controlled otherwise it can and will tear a person apart from the inside out.

I know as I write this…you feel my words, you know, I’m telling you the truth.

It genuinely takes selflessness and the willingness to happily sacrifice your life and your soul for others, to consistently want to evolve, learn, develop and grow for positive betterment.

I don’t take a second off and anybody who knows me, is laughing right now, thinking, “Fuck me, after all these years, is he finally listening to us!?”

Well, I guess, I am?

For any future possible employers…excuse my language, but, it really doesn’t matter and you know it doesn’t, because, in the end, honestly, you’ll need me and my help in your businesses if you want to take it to places the majority never even realised existed…because my intentions are pure.

I don’t want time off, I don’t take time off, I’ve never wanted a SECOND OFF from this.

I’m trying to achieve something nobody has ever done before in the history of civilisation, the history of the world and mark my words, I’ll do it…and when I do…I won’t even take the credit for it, I promise you that.

I’ll let somebody else have it while I slip out the back door during the round of applause, pondering my next risk.

I don’t even care about the glory of it all, couldn’t give a shit, the glory is reserved for arse holes that think they are bigger than the world, when none of us are, or ever have been.

What I now realise, is that, sadly, I am only a human being.

I have a nervous system and it was amped up to the max, I was fatigued, battle weary and in serious need of attention.

I’m admitting it, I needed this break more than I ever imagined and if you are part of the 1% that understands this blog post, then it’s more than likely you need one too.

I needed to go somewhere and be around nature, be around real life, real people and the real world.

In England, on the whole, we get the complete polar opposite of that.

Unless you are a blind, distorted, brainwashed follower, obsessed with material bullshit, social hierarchy and status symbols, you tend not to fit in with the masses at all.


This place is exhilarating…Ubud…Bali…visit it…shows you what real life is about.

Be a human, take that time today to smell the air, to feel that electricity you created , to see both the wonders and the evil of life.

I wish you all nothing but prosperity, happiness, self discovery, contentment and a good life, BUT…

I do, have to issue this warning, to my competition…

Before I left for this trip, my hunger was the hungriest thing you’ve ever seen in your life, I’ve always been prepared to die for, or in the process of my vision and the positivity of my dreams.

Now…right now…as you read this, I’m recharging…I’m resting, regenerating, I’m evolving, stratergising, learning more, becoming a better man, but more importantly I’m totally switching off and relaxing.

Show me positivity, show me love, show me your talents and show me your skills, work with me in positive progressive unison and I will show you the same…I’ll give you my all.

Let’s put our skills together, because I’m genuinely there for you and realise we all have talents, we all have lessons to teach each other.

The problem you are about to encounter if you go against all of that, is you never saw me coming in the first place, I’m holding Blackjack 21 and the wrong move for you is to even think you are in with a successful chance of twisting at this table…it’s bust or fold with that route for you I’m afraid.

Make your choice…I’m more than prepared either way, I was born for this and I truly relish it, you’ll have to stop wayyyyy before I do.

We’ve all got something in common which is a great place to start…we are all playing the same game…it’s called…we’re all gonna die one day…just don’t know when.

If you can’t see that…wake up…step up…grab your balls and stand for something that actually needs standing for.

Don’t do it for you…don’t do it for me…do it for the next generation and the one after that.

The only other option is their mental and physiological slaughter if things carry on the way they are…step up.

The world is bigger than you…bigger than me…if you don’t see that already…then…pull your head out your arse.

It’s never too late.

Don’t forget how amazing you are.







2 thoughts on “Hello…From…The…Other Side…Realest Thing You Read Today 

  1. Hello to you too, stranger and fellow life traveller. There’s so much passion and pure energy in your post. Stirring. I love Bali too and Ubud and realising our true selves. Here’s to living life to the full.


    1. I like that…fellow life traveller!

      That’s a great way of putting it, that’s exactly what we are.

      Thank you for your response and your kind words, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read it.

      Ubud was a real life changing place and so was bali and the other islands in Indonesia we visited.

      Different world to what I’m used to.

      It’s great you have been too!

      Living, not waiting for it to pass by!

      Liked by 1 person

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