Have We Created The Mental And Physical Demise Of Our Next Generation?


Had the mother of a 15 year old girl on the phone crying to me…She had seen my blog posts online and called me because she was at her “wits end.”

Her daughter has become obsessed with changing everything about her body…and she wants to book a session with me just to talk to her and do some basic exercise.

It all started off at 14…wanting a flatter stomach and a bigger bottom…and has now manifested into a full blown problem.

The next step for the mother to take would be to approach the doctors or psycologists…which in the conversation I did suggest…but she thought from reading my blogs that perhaps I may be a positive influence on her…while being able to teach her about how amazing her body actually is.

This young lady now feels the only option going forward for happiness…for acceptance…is surgery…she is at a point…at 15 years old…where she feels the only way to be happy is…surgery on the bottom…surgery on the legs…surgery on the stomach…surgery on the nose…and surgery on the lips.(she may not be thinking all those things at once…constantly…but these are still things she had said she has needed or wanted over the past year)

How does a 15 year old even begin to think like this…She hasn’t come to this conclusion on her own…She didn’t plant these seeds herself!?

We as a society are either creating this shit…or we are letting it slide by burying our heads in the sand…either way…it’s just not acceptable.

Don’t think for one solitary single second…that this is a singular incident…or that it isn’t getting to women of ALL ages…and even men now!

You would not believe how many times a week I get calls or have conversations like this…from people of all different ages…sexes…colours and creeds.

It isn’t a game…people need to really start realising the distortion…manipulation and propaganda we are being fed…and stand up.

Mark my words…the longer we let it slide…the worse it’s going to get…and it’s already gone far beyond a joke.

We live in a society that is trying to take away the power and the beauty of the individual mind.

Not on my watch.



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