“Healthy” Milkshakes…They Don’t Have To Be Boring

(serving for one)

1-1.5 Teaspoon of raw cacao or cocoa powder depending on taste preference.

1 Banana

Unroasted…unsweetened almond milk.

Blend together and drink…it’s simple and amazing…really tastes like a chocolate milkshake with a hint of cherry bakewell from the milk…thickened and sweetened by the banana (try with banana both frozen and unfrozen)

I don’t often use cacao and I make many different types of natural milkshake combinations with different ingredients…it’s good to keep it varied…but it really does give this one a great taste and I most definitely recommend trying it before reaching for a pre bought shake.

I like to cook and make my better half things and she absolutely loved it too…so give it a go…see what you think! Play around with the ratios and develop your own personal unique taste.

I usually drink something like this in the morning once im hydrated or before/after training (sometimes both).


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