Life is not capable of producing a straightforward…calm…uncomplicated algorithm of “success”…”progression”…or”happiness”…for ANYBODY.

We are sold this dream from many outlets…but my friends…there is never going to be any perfect opportunity…any perfect path…direction…or journey that is going to be all fun…smiles…and laughter. (All you have to do is pick up a history book to see the logic in what I’m saying…the proof is there in front of us)

When you accept the above…you start to be able to move forward…but more importantly you begin to be able to get where it is you believe you can go… emancipating your deepest fears along the way.

Positivity and belief…are absolutely key…but ARE NOT ENOUGH on their own…realism has to be just as an important of a factor.

You need to realise and accept that amongst all of the beauty…there will be hard times…testing times…tough times…times where…it’s NORMAL to doubt yourself…to want to give up…and battle to stay positive…NOBODY…is perfect…LIFE isn’t perfect.

This realisation is not negative…no no no…it is simply no more…than the truth.

I promise you from my heart…that if you take the above in…and realise that it WILL happen to us all at some point…that it is SUPPOSED to happen to us all…and it is NORMAL…then this gives birth to the real positivity.

When things are plain sailing it’s easy to turn up…it’s easy to perform…it’s easy to be motivated…to be you…BUT…are you prepared for the inevitable…can you handle it?

Take a minute…ask yourself…that question.
The preparation allows us to accept…allows us to persistently persevere to sustain our talents…our gifts…and ourselves when times get testing…and life gets hard.

It starts to make you realise that it is IMPOSSIBLE to wake up every single day of the rest of your life…unphased and unaffected from some of the avenues that it can take you down.

This is what can stop you from going under…stop you from giving up…stop you from being beaten…feeling isolated…or feeling abnormal for going through a tough patch.

Believing that you always have to be “perfect”…and think “perfectly”…is a one way trip to anguish…because as I’ve already said…aint going to happen…for any single person reading this.

So I write this for those…who in this present moment…are feeling bad…about feeling in a bad way about something.

Don’t…as long as you don’t allow yourself to give up…as long as you keep on going…keep on seeing the bigger picture…then you will always find the wonder.

Everyday is a beautiful day to be alive…a moment to savour…rejoice…to give thanks…no matter the situation…because one day it will be gone.

It can be hard to see it that way when you aren’t feeling yourself…but once it’s gone…it’s gone…don’t ever let it pass you by…no matter how old you are.

Some people call that morbid…I call it the reason…the real hype…all the proof you will ever need…to know why you have to live life your way…as you…and who you truly want to be.

There is so much awe inspiring brilliance to be discovered in this spectacular world…and to take as much of it in as possible…we have to be able to accept and identify the normality of emotions and feelings during adversity and avoid mistaking them for negativity.

The process of adversity is natural and the only time it becomes negative is when you allow all of those thoughts…those actions…feelings…and emotions to take you over…leaving you lost in limbo…completely off track from being able to battle your way out.

Anytime I’ve ever felt like giving up…anytime I’ve ever felt I wasn’t good enough…or undeserving…I’ve looked in the mirror and asked myself what would I be prepared to do for this…where would I be prepared to go for it…and I’ll tell you…

I’d battle Freddy Kruger inside of his own dreams to keep on going…and not only would I win…my determination would give him nightmares.

One life…and I decided a long time ago I’d NEVER give up…that I would ALWAYS follow my heart no matter what cards I was dealt…good or bad…because I believe in my journey…I believe in my cause…I believe in myself…and I realise that it can’t all be down hill.

Find what it is you love…find what it is you are…what you believe in…adapt this attitude…and you find you just let go of so much you have been grasping on to…it truly is exhilarating…for the body…and the mind.



The Testimonial…That Reminds Us We Are All Beautiful

Received another out of the blue testimonial from a client.

I have quite a few I’ve never used because in all honesty I’ve never needed too. One’s like this ring home with me though…especially at times like this (New Years Day)

I want you to read this if you are starting your journey…your…”new you.”

From the bottom of my heart I want you to remember that embarking on a journey of “looking better” or becoming “more sexy” is a path that leads the mind to anguish…manipulation…and ruin.

Walk these steps to become more mobile…more efficient…and to wake up tomorrow mentally and physiologically stronger. 

If you stick to this…then the body you end up with…will be that of the one you never thought even possible…without having had to concentrated on aesthetics or how you look.

The beauty lies in…the fact…that…it will emancipate your mind…and show you how beautiful…gifted…and amazing we all are. Happy New Year.


“Lee’s blog post Monday night motivation changed my life. Go to a gym me? No i dont think so….. ever. You see id always been big, plump, fat, big boned etc etc. I’d kind of got used to it.  Dieted on and off my whole life. Weight went off then went back on again.  By the time I was 38 id reached 23st. Drastic times called for Drastic measures. I opted for a gastric sleeve. Checked into the spire one night in 2011 and  checked out 24hrs later minus 2/3rd of my stomach. The weight dropped off quickly i promised myself once id lost 6 stone id join the gym. 4 mths later there i was 6 stone lighter and a gym member! I started going once a week then twice.  I particularly looked forward to Saturday morning sessions. The reason? My partner of 16yrs was a drinker, always had been always would be. Weekend was a good excuse for him to go on a 48hr bender. Most people lived for the weekend not me. 48hrs of mental and at times physical abuse. My weekend highlight was that 8am Saturday gym session, a bit of me time. This is where i first met Lee. Aka mr awight treacle. I didn’t really know what i was doing on the gym equipment. I just  copied other people. With his ear to ear smile, witty banter and intelligent conversation my gym session went fast. One Saturday morning lee told  me he was leaving and handed me a cleaverfit card, told me he was doing his own thing. My heart sunk. This hours Saturday mornings positivity got me through the weekend. Once i got home i looked at the card saw it had a blog/ website i looked it up. I was amazed!! What a dark horse this man was! He words blew me away, made me smile and also brought tears to my eyes. One particular one really hit home, Monday night motivation. I read it over and over, then something clicked in my brain.i messaged lee, told him id been reading Monday night motivation over and over and id come to a big decision. His words had made me wake up made me realise what I  had to do. That afternoon i faced my partner the father of my children. Told him i didn’t love him, didnt want him or need him, i was better than that. This blog had made me look in the mirror and given me the courage to make a change and start again.  The next couple of months weren’t easy emotionally, physically or financially. Lee was always there like my councillor night or day at the end of a text giving advice. About the same time i started having weekly training sessions with him. At first i was rubbish id never done anything like this before. But lee has a very good knack of putting you at ease. When you dont get it he will explain it in his way ( usually by putting a few swear words in for good measure). Ive come on so much i now attend the gym 5 times a week. Once training with lee and 4 times on my own, doing a programme he sets me. Ive never been fitter, happier or more confident in myself. Ive lost just over 10 stone and my body shape continues to improve.  God only knows where I would  be if he hadnt have handed me that cleaverfit      card that day! I truly believe people cross our path for a reason. Lee is a diamond among men, he goes out of his way with his big heart to be kind to people. With his words he can stir your emotions whilst you read his powerful blogs. He is a rarity and I will be ever thankful to him. Now that is 100% true”