My intentions were not to necessarily  use these online…I posted the one a couple of days ago because I genuinely felt a level of pride from it…that just…honestly…made my journey and my path worth while …The pride it generated was one of that of the true trillionaire…rich in life my friends.

THEN…I’ve had this shit fired over to me…which again…came very close to bringing a lickle tear to my eye…im not afraid to be a real man and admit that.

This isn’t about me…it’s about us…WE…have created a movement that is taking over…and shining the much needed illumination…through all of the bullshit.

This young woman at 21 years old is one of the most gifted individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with and knowing.

In life…she puts in more effort than 99%…she dedicates more than 99%…she turns up more than 99%…and she sacrifices for betterment…more than 99%…She is a credit and inspiration to society.

So to have these words come from her…again…just like the other day…it touches my heart.

My life is a better place for having her in it.

I’m no better than anybody else…used to be a bit of a knob actually…then I realised I had the power to create the true 1%…for people like her.


“To be honest, I don’t even know where to start. Finding the words to describe this man is a tough task!

No words can truly say.. But I will try my best!

The first thing I can think of is his passion. Just raw passion. You can tell just by looking, you can see his love of and devotion to his mission.

Just his general presence makes you feel alive and it’s impossible to feel negative around him. He always has your best interest at heart & will go the extra mile without question.

An inspiration to everyone he comes into contact with, he always puts himself out to help others without even thinking about anything in return.

It’s very very rare to come across someone who is just as solely focused on others and how to help them and what he can give back to the world..

His outlook on life is amazing and his dedication to make a difference in the world is next to none. He is someone you can ask for help & advice in all aspects, not just fitness.

He has an understanding that only the 1% hold…

I started going to one of lee’s classes and after just 1 I was hooked. I felt a connection with his mindset & his attitude towards the body & the mind.

Whilst most people look at their body as a shell for their soul, Lee sees beyond that and knows the true fascination of the human body and how it should be used and it’s amazing capabilities.

He has made me see the body in a completely different way… I fell victim to the lies of the fitness industry… I believed everything I read & everything I heard in desperation to look “amazing”

Lee has made me see the beauty of myself, what makes me different & has taught me was training and fitness is REALLY about. It’s not about what the body looks like, it’s what you can do with your body & how it can change your life.

Once you master this, the results come naturally. Too many people are chasing results they forget the important process which comes before the results

Lee is reinforcing the importance of the journey & how it REALLY should be done. It’s no good having results if you’ve fucked your body.

Lee shows it’s not just a physical journey… It’s a mental and spiritual journey as well physical.

Not only is he a phenomenal trainer & specialist, he’s an ultimate inspiration, a motivator… THE definition of 1%… A magnificent human being!”



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