Fitness Without The Lies – The Testimonial That Set The Bar



I really…don’t know where to start…or if I can actually explain this one in a blog post guys!?

This is…deep…this is one of the most beautiful…life affecting journeys I have ever been on with a person…ever…standard.

For both them and me…Two way process.

We have known each other 3 years and she has been a client for approx 6 months…prior to this we couldn’t even talk about fitness/health/nutrition/training together…we avoided it.

This represents alot of the true beauty of social human interaction…and this testimonial genuinely touched my heart.

All I know is that you may say it is biased because today as i write this…outside of working with her…she is actually one of my best friends.

What evens it out though is that I am a lot lot harsher…and much stricter with her than I would normally be with most people.

Firstly because I know I can be with her…and lastly because it was the only way that would work with her…haha!!!😂

The last 6 months have been a complete roller coaster of emotions and we have been on a mental and physical journey…We’ve come close to killing each other a couple of times…but the right way was never going to be easy.

This woman is the embodiment of Two of my hashtags #True1% & #AllBornAmazing

She is definitely a straight up G…cruising down the street in her 6 4

(she’s also defo thieved some of my wordings buts it’s still love 😂😂😂)

Here goes 

Why I chose Lee

Lee is not just a movement and performance specialist, he’s so much more. He does not fabricate the fitness industry. His knowledge of the body, training and everything he touches on is amazing!! Mind blowing. Speaking and demonstrating the truth. He is true to what he does. 

How Lee has helped me

When I was ready mentally – ready to learn, understand, believe and accept the truth- that’s when it all began. 

For me greatness is success, success that I have achieved through the power and knowledge of the body and mind and from working with Lee. 

I’ve been a member of a gym for over 12 years. Honestly in those 12 years all I’ve done is fight my body, my mind and try to fit into a society that’s dictating who I should be and what I should look like and how I should feel. I used to buy in to it. We all have at some point.

The result

Going back to the beginning Lee took me on a journey, a journey so real that I now feel alive. My body – I now control with the power of my mind. It’s amazing to perform with a foundation that’s solid that represents the human body in the right way no matter what size, age, sex or fitness level you are.

Posture, balance, proprioception, technique, breathing, movement, feeling, resting and performing. Without these what is fitness? 

It’s about getting over the fear of failure and not being good enough and not to believe all these fake idiologies of weight loss, diets, exercise routines and endless short term cycles/fixes of battles with your body. Avoiding injury.

It’s not a short term fix its a life changing movement that shall become a journey of greatness and success. 

I am now achieving goals that are achieve able and realistic. I have the power of my mind and strength of my body which is now balanced, I now have the correct posture, I have the ability to move my body in ways I haven’t been able to do in 12 years, I tax every part of my body that needs taxing and I’m in control. 

Not just physically but mentally I have achieved amazing results. Seeing is believing!!

This is what I’ve now found

I attend a gym where you may be fooled by slim, muscular, toned, fit, very athletic ( all generally speaking) individuals working out. I’m amongst these people- in the background but I feel pride which is so immense I don’t look for or see the aesthetic  things. I have the knowledge and power to preform to the best of my abilty while avoiding injury. I’m in control of my body and my work out. I’m getting stronger. I have so much to learn but I can only move forward. 

We have one body- respect if, look after it. Don’t abuse or miss use it. I eat a balanced diet!! I eat very well!! I eat carbs every day!! I don’t juice!! I don’t Calorie count!! I don’t have a diet plan!!! I don’t take suppliments!! I don’t take anything!! 

Lee represents the truth that people are blindfolded to seeing as they follow something which does not resolve or rectify but covers up – but for how long? 

I’d recommend Lee more than 100% if I could.

I’ve never met someone more motivated and dedicated to understanding the human body. Lees support, dedication and belief is second to none. He is the true 1%. Those who have been lucky enough to train or work with Lee I neednt say no more. 


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