Who And What Is Cleaver Fit?

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I’m a student of the game… A student of life…a student of the world.

I guess it all started at the age of 11…developing from there in to a wordsmith…poet…and a writer.

I have always been described as a philosopher by my peers…although not a title I would necessarily give myself.

Growing up I made some huge…monumental…errors…wrong choices…and decisions that impacted my life a great deal.

Every cause has an effect.

I can’t regret…as my life is my life…and they were my own actions and my own choices…Something which we all have to realise and accept within ourselves.

Something we have to stand behind.

Probably in seeking the solace to soothe my soul…I chose to look at the beauty I have discovered from it all…I opted to discover the lessons that were there to be learnt.

I live from experience and that’s what has brought me to the path I will die evolving and walking on.

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I get to see…interact…grow with…and learn from a hellll of a lot of different types of individuals.

People of all ages… races… colours and creeds on a daily/weekly basis.

It’s beautiful…it’s amazing…it’s crazy!!

If a person who doesn’t know me…asks me what Cleaver fit is?

To give that person the truth in a short form…for me is kind of hard…It’s hard to even truly convey it on a blog.

Cleaver fit is me…Lee Cleaver…and the people who come in and out of my life…it’s that simple.

It is my true heart and my soul.

I’ve given 7 days of my week to my craft…for years.

I’m a self employed coach and trainer who specialises in movement and performance on a one on one and group basis.

Serving a wide demographic across numerous environments…I Train the unfit…ultra fit…medium fit and the injured.

from marines…to athletes…to 80 year olds in wheel chairs.

I’m currently studying and training to become a soft tissue therapist at the highest level…which is something I feel I need within my repertoire.

Finally…there are the life and the fitness “philosophies ” alongside the public and motivational speaking.

All together…that is what Cleaver-Fit is.

Many may even tell you it’s something different to them but…

Every single one of those things that I just mentioned work in unison together…aiding the overall bigger picture.

Which is getting me and others where we all need to be going day by day.

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Cleaver fit is What I get to see ūüėČ

I get to see types of beauty in the world that 99% of people never get to see…and I get to see¬†it on a daily basis…I am truly…a very blessed individual.

I get to see groups and other individuals who repent the warmth of the seat of the spectator…who go further than the norm…putting in more than the expected!

I get to see…true…dedication…drive and determination…A want and a need to learn…to grow…to prosper and succeed.

I see hunger…I see passion…love…hate…evolution…change.

I get to see and to¬†feel the positivity¬†of people pushing further than they thought they could go…from not giving In to the fear or the comfort of the easy way out.

I am blessed to be able to fill my days with people who want to get mentally and physiologically¬†stronger…more resilient…more efficient…People who would never refute the possibility of stimulus…growth…or¬†change.

I get to see human beings as true human beings…with their defences down…I get to see who they truly are and they get to see who I truly am back…

Bonds and connections with people are developed that effect and change my life.

The best thing to me is that I get to see how fucking amazing human beings truly are…I have the privilege to be able to take in just what¬†we are capable of doing on¬†our own as individuals and¬†in a group…I get to see where¬†we are capable of going!

It’s invigorating.

You can’t see all of that on a daily basis and not be inspired.

We aren’t super human…we aren’t robots…so please never forget that we all need each other.

That’s what Cleaver-fit is my friends.





It’s the fear that they can’t handle…its the anguish of the unknown or the not yet happened.

That feeling will take over an entire being and it’s soul…dismembering all hope…dreams and aspirations.

Its even harder now…because one thing we have in this day and age…is the instant availability of an endless amount of outlets…channels and ways of communication.

99% of people you meet nowadays no matter how “successful”…”rich”…”poor”…”happy”…or “sad”…They are still engulfed by fear…still scared to stand up… behind or for what their heart and mind truly believe in.

In the majority of cases it’s the having to be accountable for your own words and actions under the light of the scrutiny put forward by your society…the life you live…and the people chosen to be around you.

The fear leads to limbo…It creates a state of mind that shackles the essentials needed to persevere and succeed.

It spreads like a disease and a cancer to every area of your life…it starts as the fear of what people will think about you…about your clothes…your hair…your teeth…your car…your house.

It spreads to a fear of putting your opinion forward at school/work…to not being able to be honest about who you are and wht you want and need in your various relationships.

Then it has spread to you…it has rotted and decayed the beauty and exquisiteness of your existence.

It starts to tell you that you can’t do that…shouldn’t do that…won’t do that.

It makes you ask what the point Is…stops you turning up…putting the effort in…or ever taking a risk.


I’ll tell you a story…

Before I tell you it I offer you the honesty that in no way do I have any regrets now…as it’s just one of many memories that makes me the man I am¬†today.

I remember when I was around 9/10 years old and I used to attend the MUFC football camps in the school holidays.

One year they decided to hold the end presentation at Old Trafford in a suite at Man United’s ground.

They had done all the presentations…all the kids had gone up and got their little trophy and certificates…all my mates had gone up…but my name had not been called.

We were all shocked and thought I had been left out.

They then¬†made an announcement that they had been trialing a new prog secretly…and they had selected a small group out of the hundreds of kids to form a small “special” group.

We were to be assessed at going forward on towards playing youth football for MUFC.

We had to go up and get our photos taken in our group and that photo was on the front of the next United home game prog.

I had never felt pride like that…at that age. It felt amazing to make my mum proud.

The best thing for me was it showed that I had a clear talent as I had no clue I was being assessed…none of us did…AND THAT WAS THE PROBLEM.

I had played the game accross those 4 weeks with no fear…I played it with a love of the art form…no shackles or restraints.

I had no reason in my mind to not turn up and play the game the way I wanted to play it…to not put my own colours and my own design to my own blank canvas.

As soon as I started in the group…I encountered the decline towards the end of my football career.

I remember scoring a goal that has stayed with me in the depths of my memory throughout my whole life.

I realise now that it stuck with me to teach me one of the most valuable lessons of my life.

I genuinely believe that nobody in the world on that day scored a better goal than that…I remember it all…second by second…what I wore…the pitch…the weather…the goal keeper…I can see it replaying now as I write this.

I remember straight after the goal as the training drill ended we had to pair up…and I heard “fucking hell why have I got to be with him…he’s fuckin shit” “No way have i got to be with you”

The other guys…two in particular who were a little older than me constantly singled me out…bullied me…told me I shouldn’t be there…and I started to believe it. (this was before I turned into a teenage renegade)

I remember hating having to go in…Not being able to sleep the night before…feeling sick in the car on the way there…begging my mum to not make me go.

I started to believe that I didn’t deserve to be there…that I was actually¬†shit and they were all too good for me…I just gave up…mentally and physically…I let the fear beat me.

I don’t know if it would be better to tell you that I was dropped…but I wasn’t…I gave up…walked a way.

I realise now…that goal has played in my mind for so many years to make me realise that I was better than any of them in that group…and that’s why they singled me out…that’s why they had to try to¬†make me feel insecure.

They were threatened and I just gave it to them…I gave in to them and I gave in to the¬†fear.

I forgot my love…my passion…my art…I took a skill and a talent…and I allowed myself to give up and let it die.

I didn’t play as me….I allowed other people to play for me and I lost who I was.

Through an amalgamation of factors I became too scared to be who I was meant to have been on that pitch.

The best bit is that I moved on to secondary school and never even bothered trying out for the football team.

Yet¬†spent my dinner breaks on the play ground destroying the school team’s defence and goal keeper…scared…always shying away from putting myself forward…or having to¬†stand out when it really mattered.

As you know at 29 years old that isn’t the person I am now…but it is through the realisation of error that I have grown in to the man I am today.


Although¬†Lee hasn’t¬†played football since¬†he was 15…Every now and again…every couple of years…he goes somewhere quiet with a ball…and recreates an old goal or two ūüėČ