As a soft tissue specialist, performance coach and movement analyst, I’ve got to tell you guys…

Just been to the best gym in my life…and I’ve trained all over the world, in many different environments.

There was barely any equipment, the equipment wasn’t in the best state, the weights didn’t even seem to be balanced properly if I’m honest…but still…

I’ve NEVER…EVER…trained in an environment like this before…I felt SO alive.

20 min body weight work out in their “gym” and 40 min advanced mobility in an empty yoga studio, factoring in the concept of biotensegrity. (didn’t trust the weights)

It was SOOOO humid…I mean…after all…I am training in a damn rain forest, what did I expect!?

Was a blessing for the rain to actually come down and cool us, as the heat In Bali is pretty intense.

Couldn’t believe we actually found a place to train here, in such an isolated, remote location, so high up, surrounded by real life!

The sound of the rain…the heat…the environment…it created the perfect stimulus to finally start releasing the tension in my over developed hamstrings!

My message to you today…if you are training yourself…

Stay hydrated…stay mobile…and don’t forget how amazing you are!

What…A…Day…To…Be…Alive…My Friends!




Hello…From…The…Other Side…Realest Thing You Read Today 

After over 20 hours travelling from my home city of Manchester, England, to Qatar, then on to Bali, we have finally arrived in the rain forest, on the other side, of the world.

If you know me, then you know, one of my fundamental flaws, is that I live, I breathe, I am, I need, what I do for a living, on a daily basis.

I’m genuinely, one of the very, very few people you will ever meet in your life, that does what his heart actually beats for, from sunrise, to sunset, day in day out, as their job and career.

I never once, have had anybody even try to begin to disagree with me on that point, even people who love to disagree with me know it’s totally, absolutely, indefinitely impossible to do so!

I say that with a great, great pride, but with no braggadocious arrogance, at all, in any way.

Quite the contrary, im nothing special, at all, I’m just me.

Complex, yet, so simple.

You see, I say fundamentally flawed, as that gift you think I’m about to start boasting about, believe me, can truly be one of the biggest curses that can be placed upon a person.

99% of people won’t understand this and even the vast majority of those that claim they do, don’t, which is why I write this for the True 1%, for those who need to hear this, for those that need this message, just as I myself, needed it too.

My perspective and stance on this, you won’t be able to hear, obtain, or get from many people, as it is a very rare lifestyle choice to find in a human being and I’m just being honestly, truly genuine.

Take it in, soak it up, if you are bothered, if you aren’t, well, why have you just wasted your precious time reading so much of this scribble in the first place!?

If you aren’t bothered, then I’m not worth your time, find the words that actually do help and inspire you, trust me, they are out there my friends.

People tell me I’m so lucky for the Way I live life, and I am lucky,  but I’m different, very different (That’s how I was able to start “The True 1%” and again, have never had anybody even begin to try and openly disagree with what that is about and stands for)

That is where I feel the devil is truly in the detail.

I may seem lucky, but this 16 day trip to Bali via Qatar and then on to Gili Meno, has been so hard for me to take, so hard.

So hard you wouldn’t even believe me if I told you and quantified it in to an explanation.

What I do, I don’t advise for many, it’s just not healthy, it’s just not a path many can handle going down (You too will have paths I myself wouldn’t have the ability to travel)

To do what I do, doesn’t take dedication, drive or determination, it doesn’t take effort, skill or perseverance.

They just, simply, are not at all enough.

Nowhere near enough.

It takes a genuinely crazy, intimidating, sickening, scary, unhealthy, destructive obsession with wanting to help others and create positive change in the world.

An obsession that needs to be worked on and controlled otherwise it can and will tear a person apart from the inside out.

I know as I write this…you FEEL my words, you KNOW, I’m telling you the truth.

It genuinely takes selflessness and the willingness to happily sacrifice your life and your soul for others and the world, to consistently want to evolve, learn, develop and grow for positive betterment.

I don’t take a second off and anybody who knows me, is laughing right now, thinking, “Fuck me, after all these years, is he finally listening to us!?”

Well, I guess, I am?

For any future possible employers…excuse my language, but, it really doesn’t matter and you know it doesn’t, because, in the end, honestly, you’ll need me and my help in your businesses if you want to take it to places the majority never even realised existed.

You’ll approach me regardless if you have any sense, if you have the balls, the heart and I will be happy and honoured to dedicate my time to you and give you my all.

I don’t want time off, I don’t take time off, I’ve never wanted a SECOND OFF from this.

I’m trying to achieve something nobody has ever done before in the history of civilisation, the history of the world and mark my words, I’ll do it…and when I do…I won’t even take the credit for it, I promise you that.

I’ll let somebody else have it while I slip out the back door during the round of applause, pondering my next risk.

I don’t even care about the glory of it all, couldn’t give a shit, the glory is reserved for arse holes that think they are bigger than the world, when none of us are, or ever have been.

What I now realise, is that, sadly, I am only a human being.

I have a nervous system and it was amped up to the max, I was fatigued, battle weary and in serious need of attention.

I’m admitting it, I needed this break more than I ever imagined and if you are part of the 1% that understands this blog post, then it’s more than likely you need one too.

I needed to go somewhere and be around nature, be around real life, real people and the real world.

In England, on the whole, we get the complete polar opposite of that.

Unless you are a blind, distorted, brainwashed follower, obsessed with material bullshit, social hierarchy and status symbols, you tend not to fit in with the masses at all.


This place is exhilarating…Ubud…Bali…visit it…shows you what real life is about.

Be a human, take that time today to smell the air, to feel that electricity you created , to see both the wonders and the evil of life.

I wish you all nothing but prosperity, happiness, self discovery, contentment and a good life, BUT…

I do, have to issue this warning, to my competition…

Before I left for this trip, my hunger was the hungriest thing you’ve ever seen in your life, I’ve always been prepared to die for, or in the process of my vision and the positivity of my dreams.

Now…right now…as you read this, I’m recharging…I’m resting, regenerating, I’m evolving, stratergising, learning more, becoming a better man, but more importantly I’m totally switching off and relaxing.

Show me positivity, show me love, show me your talents and show me your skills, work with me in positive progressive unison and I will show you the same…I’ll give you my all.

Let’s put our skills together, because I’m genuinely there for you and realise we all have talents, we all have lessons to teach each other.

The problem you are about to encounter if you go against all of that, is you never saw me coming in the first place, I’m holding Blackjack 21 and the wrong move for you is to even think you are in with a successful chance of twisting at this table…it’s bust or fold with that route for you I’m afraid.

Make your choice…I’m more than prepared either way, I was born for this and I truly relish it, you’ll have to stop wayyyyy before I do.

We’ve all got something in common which is a great place to start…we are all playing the same game…it’s called…we’re all gonna die one day…just don’t know when.

If you can’t see that…wake up…step up…grab your balls and stand for something that actually needs standing for.

Don’t do it for you…don’t do it for me…do it for the next generation and the one after that.

The only other option is their mental and physiological slaughter if things carry on the way they are…step up.

The world is bigger than you…bigger than me…if you dont see that already…then…pull your head out your arse.

It’s never too late.





Personal & Business Motivation – Cleaver Fit is dead…I’m giving up on it…I’m done

Doctor doing neck adjustment in medical office

It’s crazy because I never realised just how much of a name I had made for myself and the business across Manchester and I guess, the world!

Somebody once said to me, you know your idea works, when you walk in a room to be told you’re known, by people who you’ve never met before.

That’s where I’m now at, but it’s not what I care about…I just want to give back.

I started off on a mission with Cleaver-Fit and the True 1% and I accomplished it.

I had never, ever promoted the business once, it was all word of mouth and random blog posts.

It wasn’t and isn’t about me, it’s about the people in need of my help.

Just over a year ago I decided to partake in a type of social experiment to create random intrigue on Facebook, and it worked.

I disappeared after the year and my blog traffic has gone pretty crazy ever since.

I detest social media, with a passion, personally,  so the year I went on there, was testing, but still I never ever promoted myself.

I didn’t want followers, didn’t want notoriety, I just had a message.

A message of empowerment.

I put myself, my thoughts and feelings on the line, in a way very few people had ever seen before on a social media platform.

I never sold myself, because what I do, sells itself

Osteopath Treating Male Patient With Sports Injury

I’m giving up and walking away from Cleaver-Fit because, it’s not who I am anymore and it’s not what I want in life.

I hope its a message to inspire you, if you too,  know deep inside you’ve changed, but the leap of faith seems to be too much.

Be who you are in your heart…and live how it tells you to live.

I’m a Soft Tissue Specialist, qualified to the highest level in the industry.

I have a skill set very rare to find and what I do actually changes lives.

One of the problems I have encountered is that, when you use the word “Fit,” you suddenly become…just like the rest…everybody…suddenly…knows exactly what you are about…can tell you everything about your job and what you do.

You tend to get generalised, pigeon holed, sub-sectioned and conventionalised as being “A fitness dude,” “A gym guy,” “A trainer.” (look at what I’m qualified to do below and you’ll see why I refuse to allow myself to be viewed in that light)

People tend to have made their minds up about you and what you stand for, from just the name alone (That’s because 99% of people associated to these type of industries, give people like me, a terrible representation)

The clinical nature of what I do often gets lost and people think I’m the typical dream seller, peddling pills, powders, potions and 6 week miracle plans.

They then go on my blog and tell me they’re minds have been blown as to what it is I actually do.


I’m keeping with the true 1% side of things as I truly believe in what it stands for.

That will be the performance element of the business, working with professional athletes and the general public, but Cleaver Fit is no more sadly.

Training/strength and conditioning will still be available through the True1% service buttt…

You are now looking at M.S.T. – Manchester Soft Tissue Therapy & Exercise Rehabilitation.

What I do is clinical and is found, in a clinic.

I fix broken people and make professional athletes, better professional athletes.

I’m currently in the process of launching a website and restructuring everything.

I hope this shows you that even when something succeeds, it doesn’t mean it should stay.

Always look for the next level and this is mine.

If something could be better, then it is as good as broke to me.

I was going to carry on with the same name, the same brand, the same jumpers, t-shirts etc etc, as I offer a service very few others can, but, it’s gone to me, honestly.

I looked at all my hard work, my dedication, perseverance.

I looked at how many times it tried to break me and I still succeeded, never gave up, picked myself back up.

Sometimes it takes a long time to realise that you are capable of more, especially when you are somebody that tries to set the bar higher in the first place.

Never let the fear, or the leap of faith stop you from believing you can keep going further, that there isn’t another life out there for you, one lived on your terms.

When you put your heart and soul into something, it can be the hardest decision you make, to walk away and start fresh again, or change the essence of what you have created.

As long as you can see it, can imagine it working, then go for it.

It doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks, follow your heart if you truly believe in it.

I know this is going to go places Cleaver Fit couldn’t even imagine…I can already see it.


As founder of M.S.T. I am qualified and accredited at the highest level in the industry, assessed by and trained under Nick Mooney, clinical lead soft tissue therapist of London 2012 Olympic games.

We work with a vast demographic of the general public, all the way up to the highest level of elite sports, movement and performance.

With M.S.T. you receive the full package from start to finish, assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, home care, after care, maintenance.

No matter your age, or profession.

We also offer specialist corrective exercise and elite personal training services, with postural analysis, biotensegrity, functionality, mobility and proprioception being at the heart of our ethos.

Most importantly perhaps we understand the importance of a solid, trusted referral network.

It’s not about us, it’s about you.


What We Specialise In?

  • Postural & Biomechanical Assessment
  • Postural & Biomechanical Correction
  • Functional Movement Screening
  • Functional Movement Screening For Performance & Elite Level Sports
  • Clinical Reasoning
  • Palpation, Contraindication Assessment & Referral Within A Multi Disciplinary Team
  • Acute, Sub Acute & Chronic Soft Tissue Injury (Muscles, connective tissue/fascia, tendons, ligaments and joints)
  • Musculoskeletal Pain, Compensation & Dysfunction Management
  • Performance Soft Tissue & Corrective Rehabilitation For Elite Level Sports
  • Remedial & Sports Massage
  • Advanced Remedial & Sports Massage
  • Muscle Energy Technique
  • Soft Tissue Release (Transverse & Longitudinally)
  • Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Active Isolated Stretching
  • Positional Release/Strain Counter Strain
  • Increasing Parasympathetic Function, Recovery, Cognitive Efficiency & Well Being
  • Corrective Exercise, Movement & Stretching For Rehabilitation & Functionality
  • Elite Personal Training For Health, Fitness, Weight Loss, Strength, Conditioning, Functionality & Field Specific Performance

  • Postural, Rehabilitation & Exercise Classes
  • Postural, Rehabilitation & Exercise Seminars


Soft Tissue Therapy is the precise assessment, treatment and management of soft tissue injury, pain or dysfunction, primarily of the neuromusculoskeletal system.(Muscles, connective tissue/fascia, tendons, ligaments and joints)

Specialists have a background in and knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology, pathophysiology, biomechanics and postural analysis, as well as tactile/palpatory and functional movement assessment.

We believe in experience, the experience you receive and the experience we have to offer.

At M.S.T. individuality is key.

We live by the ethos that everybody deserves a personal, specific, individual approach, as no structure, injury, dysfunction or musculoskeletal issue is the same in any case.

You…are the only…you…in the entire world…and to us that’s pretty exhilarating.

We aim to break away from the conventional referral system and offer a personal service where you are more than just a name on a diary, or a set of printed out exercises on a sheet.

A service that is truly there for you from start to finish, supporting, guiding, teaching and preventing further problems.

We offer not only professional qualified experience at the highest level, but also experience from real world endeavors.

You will never be treated by anybody at M.S.T. who has not had some form of rehabilitation needed themselves in the past.

With us we believe that it’s fundamentally key to have been through the process and come out of it the other side, in order to truly be able to connect with, train or properly treat a person.

In any field, you never stop learning, developing, or growing and with each new person brings new skills that help us to consistently evolve.

It is that outlook that has allowed this clinic to be all about the person in need of analysis and treatment, one that you can trust, believe in and rely on.


How That benefits you

At M.S.T. we are here to help. It would be impossible to list all of the things we actually do, as you’ll probably end up falling asleep on us.

Here are a few examples of what many people may seek us out for assistance with in this clinic.

  • Muscle & Tendon Injury
  • Ligament Sprains
  • Proprioception & Movement Problems
  • Musculoskeletal Pain, Imbalance & Discomfort
  • Fascial Blockages
  • Scar Tissue
  • Tendinitis
  • Shin Splints
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Gait Dysfunction
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Advanced Remedial & Sports Massage
  • Fracture Compensation Management
  • Fracture Rehabilitation (Post 8 week unification)
  • Post Operative Compensation Management & Rehabilitation
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (In between flare ups)
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease
  • Patellofemoral Syndrome
  • Disk Problems
  • Sciatica
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Cubical Tunnel Syndrome
  • Whiplash
  • Repetitive Strain
  • Relaxation, Rest, Recovery & Increase In Parasympathetic Function
  • Increase In Cardiovascular Function
  • Increase In Lymphatic Function
  • Increase In Digestive Function
  • Prescribed Home Care
  • Postural Correction
  • Movement & Performance Screening
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Injury Prevention
  • Mental Rehabilitation After An Injury

We are always happy to accept inquiries if what you are looking for has not been listed.

Our background is both extensive and thorough in assessment and if contraindication is presented, we will always advise to not proceed with the treatment, providing the necessary recovery or referring to the relevant professional.

Wayne Rooney Caught Drink Driving With A Mistress – The Real Truth


I’ve been asked many times in the last four days, have you heard about Wayne Rooney?

Each time, I’ve just said “No.”

If I’m honest though, my truest response each time has wanted to be “Yes, but I don’t care enough to talk about another mans downfalls, I don’t even know the geezer!”

Most of these conversations took place in a professional setting, so I thought best to leave it well alone, as it wasn’t high on my priority of thoughts, or something I felt passionately enough about to have a public debate over.

It was a strange kind of conversation to me though, as there seemed to be a delight I observed in many from getting to be the one to tell me of his awful, atrocious acts. (Not all)

The self righteousness they seemed to relish in while regurgitating the information that mapped the downfall of another human being was almost, saddening.

I know I’m not imagining it, because I didn’t just see it, I felt it, amongst the majority.

How descriptive, well versed and knowledgeable about the topic some seemed to be, was surreal to me.

Some were actually genuinely angered, outraged emotionally by his actions and harboured a feeling of being let down.

It was really eye opening and that may sound strange in itself? Perhaps I’m just out of touch and behind the times?


I haven’t done a blog post in a while, so I thought I’d throw this rationale out in one.

I guess, I haven’t really ever had faith in this super connected, mass produced, glossy, polished over, marketed world, full of heroes and false prophets, so I haven’t ever had a need to consistently post.

I prefer to write the odd thing that comes from the heart, that I feel truly stands for something tangible and throw them out on the line for people to think about.

Might be wrong, I might be right, but the world still turns none the less.

This allows me to stay away from the “online world” while I guess, still playing a little part in it.

I usually get passed all of the juicy gossip and news second hand off other people in conversation and how important I perceive it to be, concludes whether or not I’ll choose to learn more about the topic or not.

Most times I have to hear about things such as Mr Rooney’s private life, from third parties, because I’m not in the loop on that type of scene.

I hate my mobile phone most of the time and if it’s not needed for work, then I’ve usually not got it on me!

I tried social media, it wasn’t for me in the end, I wasn’t for it and I don’t really have time for television other than for sports.

On this occasion I decided to look further into the Wayne Rooney saga as some of the most breathtaking moments in my life have included him on the pitch and I wanted to know how big it had got.

This isn’t an attempt at a get out of jail free card for Waz, it’s no more than a shortened, broken down, honest view of a current situation, that keeps on coming up in conversation in my life.


Stop buying into it all…just stop…as quick as you can!

Wayne Rooney, that guy, is NO different to you or I, no different.

He’s not special and he’s not a celebrity, because those don’t really actually exist in the real world.

He’s a regular, everyday, normal man, with some skill, or talent, like we all have, in our own way, in some form or another, who just decided to put more focus, effort, drive and dedication in than 99% of people are prepared to do.

That’s why he stands out from the crowd, that’s why he inspires and is the only reason he is spoken about.

If he didn’t play football, with his drive, you wouldn’t, I wouldn’t, be talking about him.

No matter how intelligent, how skilled, how unique, how driven, or genetically gifted you are, you’re still floored, man or woman, because you’re human.

Before you look at him, look at yourself?

That’s what I do.

Never made a mistake? Never messed anything up? Not got any regrets?

If you answered no to those things, then, to me, you have never truly lived, because woooooo, I KNOW I can say yes yes yes!

You can’t honestly place that type of pressure upon a boy who simply was forced to become a man, in a world where we are given no rule book, unless you are prepared to place that pressure upon yourself?

Are you?

Will you stand up in front of a crowd of millions and show/admit your failures, your mistakes, your fears, complexities, wrong doings, private thoughts and insecurities, for everybody to pick apart, to judge, gang up on and ridicule in front of you?

You strong enough to do that?

Strong enough to survive, endure that?

If you answered no, then is it fair in this instance?

We all have those things that would be shown to the crowd, in some way, at some time in our lives, we’re all human, it’s part of how we have evolved and how we will continue to do so?

Granted there is a moral compass and logical analysis of any act, but lets face it, considering the life he has lived and the effect it has to have had on the body and nervous system, I think his mistakes are pretty humane, and logically, when clinically analysed, I’m sure, in line with a lot of the psychological stressors he has been dealing with, constantly, consistently and regularly, over a heavily, heavily sustained period of time.

Year, after year, after year, after year.

Manchester United v Swansea City - Premier League

This is usually the point where sadly, many will have thought the uninformed, blindly distorted, insensitive, unrealistic cliche of…

“Stress, what stress, give me that type of money and I’ll take that type of stress, he doesn’t know stress.”

I’ll tell you this for truth…

The majority of people you ever met in your life, in this day and age, would crash and burn into the biggest flames you ever saw if you just plonked them with Wayne Rooney’s weekly wage and image related income alone.

It would only be a few that could truly deal with it, let alone from 16.

That’s without even beginning to factor in the negative intrinsic and extrinsic psychological and physiological problems that would arise from living his particular life and type of lifestyle?

Not just his particular life and lifestyle in the general sense of his conventional endeavours, as in across the board in professional football, but the unique way his life has played out for him.

The “I’d take that, I’d do that, for that type of money,” with no disrespect intended, is just an apparent naivety of the nervous system, human physiology and a complete lack of understanding of what it is he is actually doing in the first place.

It’s not the publics fault, it’s the glossed over, blind outlook created by the media machine.

“He’s just kicking a ball round a pitch for millions.”

You hear it so, so often in everyday life and that outlook is truly laughable to me.

It has to be broken down to the most cellular of levels and it’s just not, very often at all.


If you genuinely think you are living Wayne Rooneys life, for over fifteen years straight, without developing a few, if not a lot of major psychological issues or problems along the way, then you truly are uninformed.

YOU…me….WE…aren’t going to be able to live “normal” everyday life without developing a few that either need addressing, or leaving alone to let ruin us, so what chance has he got!?

There isn’t a person on this planet that fully understands life and it is questionable to say that we ever will.

On that basis we enter situations and scenarios of the mind that we don’t understand, that we have no real answers or explanations to offer ourselves.

We’re in the dark trying to find a light switch.

Depending on the amount of stressors being experienced, the severity/perceived severity of those stressors and the unique individual experiencing them, when we can’t understand and can’t find the answer, malfunction can easily occur, in any of us,

That malfunction then manifests into issues, that lead to other issues, that lead to a cycle of dismay.

One that can affect a persons whole world.

I don’t know if he’s in that cycle or out of it, do you?

I feel I’d be pretty mad to expect him not to have made a few mistakes, in fact, I’m pretty shocked he hasn’t made more, especially with the abundance of catalysts he has to do so.

He’s been acting “Erratically,” “Destructively” and has just turned a completely new chapter in his life on top of everything else I’ve already said.

I don’t know if he’s thinking straight, have you always been thinking straight? I’d be lying if I said I had. (I know you would be too)

I don’t know if he’s suffering from depression, I don’t know if he needs help, I don’t know if he has problems or if he doesn’t, I don’t know if he’s truly a bad guy, do you?

That’s the point I’m getting at, I don’t know him, but if I’m going to talk about him, I’m going to go in with an open mind and analyse the logic of everything I can see.

I’m not going to hang him just because I have the opportunity.


If he has murdered somebody, raped somebody, fiddled with a kiddy, then yes, let’s stand up, let’s make sure something serious gets done, let’s be bothered and make sure that he stands accountable at the highest degree.

But to have something like this splashed across all of the front of the newspapers, top of the search engines, being spoken about all over social media constantly, like he is a demonic evil being who deserves his private life and career being ripped apart, for doing something milllllions of people will be doing over an average couple of days?

Instead of persecuting, why not feel sorry?

Why not see the frequency of how often it happens, why it tends to happen?

Why not show compassion, care, concern, or humility, if you are going to focus so much effort on it?

At least all of that effort may result in some positivity, may result in helping somebody?

Exactly the same problems you go through, so does he.

Things can seem so black and white, but once you truly delve into the crevices of the deepest parts of our minds, our actions, our responses, our beliefs, nothing is just that straight forward.


Manchester United's Wayne Rooney celebra

For example…an example…of generic…life…the norm…without even factoring in he’s…Wayne Rooney…

How do you know his wife doesn’t psychologically bully him? happens every day between spouses at a staggering rate in society, man to woman, woman to man, often gets swept right under the carpet.

How do you know he doesn’t psychologically bully his wife, has realised he does so, has woken up to his mistakes and is finding it hard to live with himself for the things he’s done?

That his actions aren’t a coping mechanism?

You just don’t have a clue, there are far too many parameters for us to even comment unless we sit down in a room with him, one on one and he opens up to us.

I don’t know, I really can’t say, I don’t know what’s going on between them and it’s nothing to do with me, but again if you want to go down the judgment and persecution road, you can’t just look at the surface of his singular, individual human mistakes to define him as the man he is.

There are so many real life issues, we all can encounter, no matter our bank balance.

This guy is living a type of life 99% couldn’t even fathom truly living, give the guy a break!

He messed up, ok, but focus on your own life and mending the things you need to mend, we all have them through our journeys and I’m sure Wayne will be just fine sorting his.


The best thing about this story to me is…

We live in the type of world where…

There would have been a guy out there, somewhere, guaranteed, lying in bed, with his wife’s sister, smoking a post coital cigarette, watching the story break on tele saying “See, I told you, I’ve said for years that Rooney is a wrong un, I knew I was right.”

There would have been a guy out there who wrote an article on it, absolutely slaughtering and ruining him, snorting cocaine all night, drink driving home under the influence of copious amount of alcohol.

That’s the world we seem to live in…hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil…unless it’s about somebody else?

People tell me it’s different though in these situations, and I ask why?

I cringe when somebody responds to me “He’s a role model though.”

It’s such a generic, get out of jail free answer, that overts the complexities of the subject at hand, overts the natural chaos and order of natural world.

To me It’s an excuse and a cop out people use to not have to critically think.

Don’t get me wrong I understand the influence people can have, but I also understand that ultimately, it was all up to me in the end, it was my judgment, my experiences, my personality, what I have or haven’t been taught, or what I was or wasn’t personally prepared to learn, take on board and put into practice.

I chose to do what I did and the reasons why, may be of a very complex nature.

People can play a part in that, yes, but were they actually the fundamental route cause?

Wayne Rooney

I feel it’s personally ludicrous to place the pressure on a human being to label them as a messianic role model without their consent or agreement.

If they are a role model to such an extent, then surely, so are you?

If you think that a regular human, with a talent for a sport that’s got media and television coverage, is automatically a role model to every child and adult and should never make a humane mistake, then what is a mother, a father, a brother, sister, aunty, uncle, friend, what are you?

Are you prepared to take on that mantle too, because if you are pushing it on him, then you must be judging him by your own standards?

When people drop the role model bomb, I’m just like cmmmmon mannn, take some damn responsibility, or look in the mirror!

He may have people looking up to him, buttt to me it’s usually a way of shifting blame to somebody else.

A way of holding them to a unrealistic demagogic status to harbour and shoulder the blame for so many shortcomings of others.

If I get caught drink driving tomorrow, it’s not Wayne Rooney’s fault is it!?

If your son or daughter gets caught drink driving tomorrow, then is it Rooney’s fault?

Just look at Football as a sport as a whole, Jesus, on the outside, at face value, it seems like something to get your kid involved in, to support, but where do we even start breaking down the reasons for it not being something of role model standard.

Most people aren’t prepared to see things for what they truly are and that’s coming from somebody who loves football with a passion.

Manchester United v Swansea City - Barclays Premier League - Old Trafford

I’ll end with this, my friends.

I’ve gone into such detail, because it’s abundantly obvious that people, for some reason, really do care.

I really struggle to see how in this day and age, with all the things happening across the world and in our societies, we have time to even ponder such insignificant information.

We’re making a big deal about real life, everyday occurrences, that happen for MANY different reasons and have happened since the dawn of time.

When there’s a big elephant in the room that needs pointing out, the majority get on their phones trying to know more about Wayne or start ranting and raving for a cause that doesn’t even exist.

The opportunity comes to constructively talk about changes that need to be positively made in the world, but the majority tend to run away and hide in stories like this, that’s why they sell.

They aim to give people the moral high ground and judgment, burying their heads in the sand to all of the real problems we face.

That’s why we never seem to be able to sort anything out, because we are so preoccupied with irrelevant, trivial, obvious occurrences.

That kind of stuff is happening secondly across the world, to people that live in your street, work colleagues, friends, family, it’s nothing new, it’s nothing shocking, it’s the bleeding obvious in life.

The guys a footballer, look at his career, look what he has done, look what he achieved, you can’t fault the man in any way shape or form for it, he did his job, he owed you nothing more, nothing.

It’s very easy to shout and heckle from the warmth of the seat of the spectator, but he did his job, beyond his wildest dreams.

He came, he saw, he conquered, he made humane mistakes like all men and women do, his memory will be eternal in football, his private life should be of no concern to you or I.

If it is, then, that’s unhealthy, it needs addressing just like his issues.

Have the best day ever…and concentrate on yourself!

Sitting…On Top Of The World

When I make it to the top of the world…I’m going to just sit there…and dangle my legs off it.
I’m not going to tell anybody…or even make them aware of the fact I made it.

I’m not going to gloat…to boast…show off…take a selfie…or post about it in any way…shape…or form.

I’m going to stay silent within my own mind…my own thoughts…my own pride…and valour…looking down…rejoicing on that beautiful journey…that beautiful struggle I always knew…would provide me what I needed in life.

I’ll harbour love in my heart and a smile on my face…soaking up every square inch of that atmosphere…knowing that I never let anybody beat or keep me down…not even myself or the complexities of my own mind!

I’ll take with me the thought of each and every single person that I’ve ever loved…or has ever looked out for me…in the hope…they made it before I did.

(Mr Cleaver…The last of the mohicans…part of the True 1%)

Baby Steps…We all need them.

I was watching one of the Barbershop films the other day and Cedric The Entertainer dropped the line “Baby steps”…on one of his co workers getting ahead of themselves.

It got me thinking.

The more I thought about it and the more I applied it to what I do as a performance soft tissue therapist…correctional exercise specialist…and trainer…the more I saw how it was actually the heart…at the epicenter of my system and ethos.

The more I further…thought about it…I started to realise how “Baby Steps” transferred to the real world…to each and every single one of our lives…on a daily basis.

I considered the power they held and the benefit to having that ideology in the forefront of your mind.

What are you talking about I hear you say?

Well I mean it in the conventional manner…but I also…don’t?

Look at it this way…what does a baby do…it progresses.

It learns…it grows…it develops.

It doesn’t do it overnight…but over extended periods of time…over sustained instances of failure…which amalgamate and culminate into a success…a forward progression.

A baby first starts to crawl before it can walk…but to me the devil is in the detail.

They have to learn and perfect how to crawl…before they learn how to stand…they then have to learn how to balance and stand…before they learn how to walk.

It is a cycle of sustained resiliency in the name of constant progression…developed from exploration…expression…free will…inquisitiveness…adaptability…and most importantly…failure.

Getting up every time they fall down…a great analogy for life hey?

Here is where the clinical side of me and what I do comes out.

What I described to you there is the true formula of how to succeed in any endeavour you wish to realistically pursue…so…never…ever forget about the baby steps.

I don’t just mean this is relevant to people at the beginning of their journey…because it is perhaps just as much…if not more relevant to people who already have the experience in their field.

What we tend do for example as human beings…is learn to crawl…learn…to stand…learn to walk…then forget about it for the rest of our lives once it becomes a natural motor skill.

This is when and why we develop dysfunction…compensation…postural deviation…and injury…because we forget about the baby steps and progress to more advancement…once we progress to more advancement…we tend to forget that what got us there in the first place…is what needs to be continuously developed and maintained.

Without what got us there in the first place…there is no progression…or if there is…it produces little to no longevity.

For example…when you learn how to ride a bike…or skate…or play football…it’s advancement…but…every motor skill and functional ability needed to crawl…stand…balance…and walk…is still needed.

Not only are they still needed…they are the basis for what it is you are no attempting…or doing.

The better you are…the sharper you are…the more efficient you are at those basics…the better you are at riding that bike…controlling those skates…shooting that ball etc.

The better you maintain…the better you continue.

A structure is always built on a foundation of support and integrity.

Where I differ with the conventional interpretation of “Baby steps” is by suggesting that they are in fact the actual steps needed…the blue print…foundation…and neccesity of any endeavour you pursue…no matter your level or experience.

We have to keep going back to those basics…keeping them integral…to allow us to keep developing our skills.

It is exactly why you have a service and an M.O.T. test on your car…because no matter the engineering…no matter the speed…performance…make…or power…it’s the baby steps that go into making that car run that matter.

If you don’t maintain the levels of oil needed…the correct pressure in your tyres…drive it responsibly etc etc…your car won’t run…or it will until there is a problem that stops it in it’s tracks.

The last example I’ll leave you with is this…

When somebody comes to me who wants to learn how to squat but physiologically can’t…the squat automatically becomes the advancement.

I will perform specific movement screens…R.O.M. tests and palpation to assess the restrictions…and try to figure out why…but if they can’t squat…I’m not going to get them to.

The reason I’m not going to get them to do it…is because they can’t?

If they can’t structurally or physiologically get into the position…I’m going to address the way they walk…stand…sit etc…before I move on to patterning a functional squat.

I’m going to address the baby steps…the true mechanics that allow for the advancement.

I’m also going to advise that those same steps be put…indefinitely…before any want for individual exercise progression to ensure consisent progression…maintainance and longevity.

The last part of this post…is this…

If you take that previous example…during the process of rehabilitation I will use some very advanced techniques and treatment methods…which are also naturally the advancement in this situation on my side…but it is the movement screening and palpation that allows the process to begin and continue with the client.

Without those we would never know how to exit the cycle of dysfunction.

This is what I always fall back on…regardless of how technical some of the things I can do are.


Many people know I have been a personal trainer and performance coach for a number of Years now.

What you may not be aware of…is that I’m actually a soft tissue specialist, accredited to the highest level in the industry.

I was assessed by…and trained under Nick Mooney…clinical lead soft tissue therapist of London 2012 Olympic games.

I’m qualified to work with people from the general public…all the way up to the highest level of elite sports…movement…and performance.

What Is Soft Tissue Therapy? 

S.T.T is the precise assessment…treatment…and management…of soft tissue injury…pain…and/or dysfunction…primarily of the neuromusculoskeletal system.

Specialists who provide soft tissue therapy have a background and knowledge of anatomy…physiology…pathology…pathophysiology…biomechanics and postural analysis…as well as tactile/palpatory and functional movement assessment.

Specialists at the highest level are also experienced and qualified in prescribing specialist individual exercise and home care.

( Lee Cleaver soft tissue specialist)

The GYM? Motivation…Perhaps??


The gym is like a free shrink or psychologist…It will always shoulder…any problem you ever have…allowing you…to free your mind…and to be within your own thoughts.

We live in the day and age of complete and absolute information over load.

Attacked with constant barrages of information…bombarding us like massed artillery fire…24/7…366…including leap years.

There is no rest…there are no gaps…no pauses…nor breaks…it just keeps on going and going…controlled and orchestrated by such a vast…vassst array of different channels…outlets and media.

I don’t even think it could be quantifiable.

My friends…take that time for yourself…to shut the world out…and wake up tomorrow mentally and physiologically stronger.

Never forget how amazing you are…never forget the power you hold…but also never forget that your mind needs that time for itself.

It’s an amazing day to be alive…so live it with vigorous passion…and a belief that instills infectious smiles.

Sometimes it may feel like what you want is always out of reach…or that it never happens for you…but don’t ever give up.

It’s always closer than you think…but more importantly…you are the inspiration for somebody else…whether you know it or not…so if you give up…so do they.

Never forget that we all inspire each other…and somebody woke up today looking up to you.

Smile…laugh…move…frolic…and be yourself…there isn’t time for anything else.

The body does not work without the mind…so next time you work out…focus on the power of your mind…rather than the aesthetics of your body.

Have the best day EVER



A Talk To The Troubled Youth…Next Stop Prison.


I did a “motivational talk” for a group of “troubled” Mancunian teens who the next stop for…is prison.

One of the lads in the room was the brother of a close friend.

He asked me how I had changed so much…how I went from one of the biggest “dick heads” you would have ever met…to a guy people around the world are now starting to seek out for motivation. (According to his brother!)

I said to him I couldn’t explain in one talk…but I could give him 1 thing…a saying…a rationale…a belief…that…if any one of them bought in to…today…then tomorrow…would be completely different.

**”Later down the road…there is no in between”**

I understand that the later down the road is determined by looking at myself…and making those changes needed to be made…today…right now…this second…and sticking to them with a burning belief and desire…regardless of what happens.

If you can’t/don’t/won’t do that…then…the later down the road…is EXACTLY the same as it is today…or worse…EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Once you realise that you can’t make change…without creating it yourself…you realise that there is no In between.

I either do…or I don’t…I sink…or I swim…I’m awake
…or I’m asleep…I’m just a cog…or I’m the actual time piece…It was all down to me.

The ground in between…is either limbo…or invented excuses as to why we never progressed.

The In between is the salvation sought by those who never really wanted to do it in the first place…by those without substance…who were prepared to give up on themselves…who…liked the idea of the ‘success’…but weren’t prepared to do what needed to be done…to get it.

The in between is saved for those who were blind to how amazing they actually were.

I genuinely saw something click in 2 of them…2 of them got saved today…and that gives me the fire to keep trying with the other 18.

Please don’t forget that…to attempt to change the world for the better…It first has to start with our communities.

If you know somebody that needs your help…help them…beyond what is called for…beyond what you will be praised and noted for.

Give back…by being a human and looking out for your fellow being.

Do it…for the love…as they say.

Have the best day ever my friends.

Your Body…Is Your Body…My Body…Is…Mine


My “split”…my “routine”…my “plan”…my exercises…and methodology…reflect and address…who…and where I am…”functionally” and neuromuscularly…OUTSIDE of working out…and why.

Logically…it has to be approached in that manner…no matter your desired effect from the training…otherwise injury…long term issue…or contraindication is guaranteed to occur.

If the effort does not have your well being at the forefront of it…then the effort is in vain my friends.

Your body…is yours…and there is no one size fits all…duplicate plan…that universally works in the name of specific individual progression…or longevity.

Whatever you pursue…pursue it from a personal retrospect…take into consideration…all of the considerations…and remember that it’s not about the generic norm the masses are sold on following…it’s about discovering yourself…your own body…and mind.

The best exercise in the world…that everybody rants…raves…and goes on about…could literally be the worst exercise in the world for you or I…who knows without assessment.

Sometimes you can change that in a person…sometimes you can’t…depends on the person being assessed.

You…are the only…you…in the entire world…start your journey today!