This Is My…GIRL!💯✌️❤️

You'll know by now that in my down time I love watching football. (As in the game played with your feet...not hands 😜) As much as I love watching and getting involved with it in certain areas found within the fighting arts. What shocks a lot of people with favourite … Continue reading This Is My…GIRL!💯✌️❤️

Will You Move With Me…Into This New Year!?💃✌️❤️

Wow...not done one of these for a good couple months now! Must have been behaving myself!😇 If you're new to this blog...then...these move with me installments are all about the inside of my unnecessarily loud sound system. Was shake rattling roads with this track as I travelled to open up the clinic before. Most … Continue reading Will You Move With Me…Into This New Year!?💃✌️❤️

Never Underestimate The Power Of WordPress✌️❤️

Most weeks I interact with a blogger called Tony "T-Bird" Burgess. Top bloke...we...often have a right laugh...and I really enjoy his posts. He's from a place called Chattanooga in the U.S.A. Chattanooooooga. Just...rolls off the tongue doesn't it!? (Sounds especially debonair and funky cool in my Mancunian accent 😂🤪) The name has always enticed … Continue reading Never Underestimate The Power Of WordPress✌️❤️

Real Living…Real Life…In Bali✌️❤️

If you follow know the way I get down...the...way I get about. I'm living and loving way. Practice what you preach is the why over the past will have seen pieces of my words...coming to life...through real world evidence on video. Here's something from 3 years ago...that has always stuck in … Continue reading Real Living…Real Life…In Bali✌️❤️

Nice Body…BUT…What Can You Do With It!?😉✌️❤️

Never used an inappropriate eye catcher's see if it works 😂 At least it's still relevant and fits the specificity of this topic! I was having a laugh the other week with a fellow blogger about my profile pic...and...why I use it. The image serves an important purpose for me. A couple actually!'s … Continue reading Nice Body…BUT…What Can You Do With It!?😉✌️❤️